How To Win More Conversions By
Building Trust On Social Media

Social media has gone from being the bold new frontier of advertising to being an assumed element of almost any marketing campaign. But just because social media campaigns are commonplace doesn’t mean that you can just tweet your new promo code and watch the conversions roll in.

But the nature of social advertising — interrupting or distracting from someone’s personal news feed — combined with the fact that everyone is doing it means that if you want to get those clicks, you’ll really need to earn them.

Experiment with real-time marketing

If you’ve ever read an article about marketing on Twitter, you’ve probably seen the infamous “Dunk in the Dark” tweet from Oreo during the infamous Super Bowl power outage. Take advantage of popular, trending world events in order to increase the reach of your brand. Riding the wave of a popular current event by offering a unique or entertaining perspective is one way to make your social messaging more relatable — and consequently, more shareable.

Harness the power of hashtags — responsibly

Hashtags have gotten a bit of a bad rap. But that’s mostly been earned due to people not knowing how to use them. Creating your own hashtags gives you the ability to own and direct the conversation, and encouraging people to create or share content with your hashtag is sure to put your marketing campaign in front of more eyeballs.

Mention popular people or companies

Indiscriminately spamming influencers and big brands is one way to get yourself blocked. But if you do it smartly and appropriately, it can lead to a big increase in your social reach. Look for ways to engage with influencers that are relevant to their field or craft, and only mention influencers in areas where your business participates.

Now you’ve got the reach. But how do you get the clicks?

Clickable content that fulfills its promise

Increasing social reach may grow the top of your funnel, but that increase in awareness needs to translate into an increase in business in order to justify itself.

When it comes time to turn those followers into conversions via targeted social media advertisements, you need to be producing clickable content that promises value and fulfills that promise.

It’s all about trust

As mentioned earlier, the nature of social advertising is inherently intrusive, taking up space typically reserved for one’s friends, favourite celebrities, and topics of interest. People are naturally pretty wary about advertising that’s delivered this way.

That’s why it’s so important to build trust in every stage of a social media advertising campaign.

  • Familiarize your audience with your brand by creating great, naturally shareable content
  • Deliver targeted social media ads that are relevant to the user and promise something awesome
  • Deliver on the awesomeness by creating a targeted landing page with messages and imagery that matches the ad campaign

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