In Mobile We Trust – But Do Your Customers?

In a way it seems so obvious - you give your staff devices that they can carry around with them, so it’s your responsibility to ensure that device is secure. It sounds pretty straightforward. And it is, to a degree. The issue, however, is that in today’s threat-heavy world, there are so many facets to mobile security, from how to manage it, monitor it and provide it to how to update it, choose it, layer it and so on, that even for customers who understand mobile security and where their responsibilities lie as the head of a business, the goalposts are constantly shifting.

In fact, when solution providers were questioned on the subject of how well their customers understood mobile security, the results showed that as a whole industry, there are some ways to go in getting this crucial part of our remit right.

If you could get your customers to realize one key thing when it comes to mobile security, what would it be?

It was found that the largest number of respondents – 37.1% – said they would want their customers to understand that mobile security is just as important as network security. Not too far behind that, 31.4% of respondents said they would like their customers to understand that a simple firewall and antivirus package is not enough when it comes to mobile security.

Interestingly, only 5.7% of respondents (the lowest number) said that they would like customers to understand that line-of-business heads may already be investing in mobile security. This purchasing of mobile security – or indeed any IT – outside of defined IT departments is only set to grow, so it is worth bringing it to your customers’ attention as a serious concern.

Areas of security you may find yourself having to discuss with your customers include network security, which 37.1% of respondents said was the area of security their customers understand the least, and identity and access management, which 22.9% of solution providers questioned said was the area their customers understand the least.

Which areas of security do your customers understand the least?

Next up was firewall, with 17.1% of respondents identifying this as the least understood part of security for customers, followed by remote monitoring and management at 11.4%. Last up, and probably not surprisingly, was antivirus, which 8.6% of respondents said their customers understand the least. The remaining 2.9% said mobile device management was the least understood area.

And, of course, the whole point of mobile security, and indeed any security, is to try and prevent breaches and know how to manage breaches if and when they occur. Respondents were asked what percentage of their customers they expect to suffer a breach this year as a direct result of mobile security issues.

Needless to say, these results present significant challenges, but also opportunity for the channel. If a large percentage of your customers don’t fully understand the implications of mobile security, they are not going to go headlong into investing in it. You will have to guide them as to what they need, why, how and when. They must understand it fully in order to want to invest in the appropriate products. If you go in just trying to sell, rather than trying to inform, advise and guide, the chances are neither you nor your customer will come away with the outcome you truly need. On the one hand, if a large percentage of the people you are trying to sell your mobile security offerings to don’t understand what you are selling or, more importantly, why they need it, you may have an uphill battle on your hands.

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