You Are Doing This Facebook Thing All Wrong!

Pop Quiz: Out of your last 10 company Facebook posts, how many were videos or photos versus a status update or a link to an article?

If you answered anywhere under 75% (7 out of 10 or less), then you’re doing Facebook all wrong and most likely have very low engagement with your fans. I’m going to guess that you probably have a tiny following, too.

A recent study of 300 Facebook company pages by Pandemic Labs showed that most companies post status updates and links to articles more than 75% of the time. My own personal review of over 100 IT service company Facebook pages suggests that you may be even worse than that. I found that over 90% of company posts are boring links and status updates.

Here are 2 good reasons why you want most of your posts to be photos or videos:

  1. Videos are 10 times more likely to be shared than links
  2. Photos are 5 times more popular than links

Change your posting mindset. Enough already on the automated RSS feeds from your blog or from a social media service you subscribe to. BORING! People are already on information overload.

  • Share photos with an interesting short caption. Take more pictures and post them up. Running an event? Post pictures. At an event? Post pictures. Meet a celebrity (local or national)? Take a picture and post it. Publish a book? Post a picture. Sign up a new customer? Post a picture about it.
  • Share fun and interesting videos. Have a blog post to share? Post a 30-second video to tell others why to read (or watch) it. Having a giveaway? Post videos. Holding a seminar? You guessed it … post a video.

The message? People like social media that is fun. Be fun and stop being so boring!

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