5 Holiday Design Tips
To Spark Up Your Emails

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means it is time to get ready and celebrate with your subscribers! Here are 5 tips to help you jingle all the way to your holiday email design goals.

5 Holiday Email Design Tips:

  1. Plan your holiday campaigns as early as October!
    Start as early as possible, give yourself enough time to carefully design and plan your email marketing campaign for the holidays. Holiday campaigns are extremely important, they drive results and revenue. A well designed email with all its elements in the right place will ensure that it will be opened and read.

  2. Make your call to actions stand out!
    Use bright, bold colors, large text to grab attention. Keep your visual cues simple and clear, also keep in mind that too much can be overwhelming and can turn people away altogether.

  3. Keep your message short and lively
    Think about elements that you can add to make your customers smile. Personalization is the key. On a small screen, five or six sentences can look like a novel. You don’t want to overwhelm your subscribers. Keep your email messages short and consumable; include links to longer or more detailed content that you can make available on your website or blog.

  4. Design with mobile in mind
    For the past few years mobile optimization has been highly promoted. In 2015, Amazon and said that 60% of their holiday shopping traffic came from mobile devices. That is enough to convince us to take the mobile first approach.

  5. Use a design that compliments your content
    Don’t overdo your design. Keep a proper balance of fonts used, text, images, colors, background colors etc. Use an animated GIF to make your email pop! Note that a quick little animation can leave a lasting impression. Proper graphics and design elements can leave the viewer wanting to find out more about your services or products can also be extremely effective.

And…always be testing! Don’t forget to test before you send. Ensure your emails are rendering properly across multiple email platforms.

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