8 Benefits of Managed IT Services

8 Benefits of Managed IT Services

8 Benefits of Managed IT Services

Running a successful business is hard for even the most seasoned entrepreneur. It demands more time, passion, and commitment than you may believe yourself able to give.

You might struggle to switch off even on vacation. You might find focusing on individual tasks hard with so many employees and responsibilities weighing on your mind.

And let’s not forget the sheer amount of technology businesses depend on today. Managing and equipping your own IT team can be incredibly stressful.

Managed IT services are an ideal solution for small to medium-sized companies, alleviating the strain on business-owners and managers just like you. How?

Here are just 8 of the benefits managed IT services offer.

#1. A Tightened Focus on Security

Effective cybersecurity is a critical concern for every business. 43 percent of cyberattackstarget small companies and more than half are in danger of folding within six months of an attack.

So much key data depends on keeping your computer systems safe — payroll, client information, employee details etc. You simply cannot leave your security to chance.

Your own internal IT team may not have the training or resources to protect your system from sophisticated hackers. And that’s why managed IT servicesare such a sensible option: you can relax and focus on your own responsibilities, knowing an experienced team has your cybersecurity in hand.

#2. Scale Your IT Operations to Align with Your Growing Business

Scaling your business is a real challenge, especially if you’re expanding into a new line of products or bringing a whole new team on board.

But your IT operations have to scale with the rest of your business. Managed IT services allow you to grow and focus on core goals without worrying about your IT operations struggling to accommodate changes. A reliable team will take care of it all for you.

#3. Get the Solutions You Don’t Realize You Need

You might be unable to identify the biggest problems affecting your business’s IT operations and performance. You might not know which new programs or technologies will benefit your employees and / or clients either.

Fortunately, managed IT services give you access to expert advice on choosing the best software, hardware and techniques for your needs, budget, and more.

#4. Manage Your IT Expenditure More Carefully

You could end up spending more money on IT than you expect or need to each month if you try to handle it all yourself. Your IT team may make mistakes or misinform you of the investments you need to make to achieve certain goals.

Managed IT services offer specific packages at fixed prices to suit diverse requirements, targets and expectations. This means you’ll know exactly how much you spend from one month to the next without worrying about going over your budget.

This leaves you with more money to channel into other areas too.

#5. Switch to Cloud Computing Safely and Efficiently

Tired of storing your own data on-site and need a more streamlined, efficient solution? Looking to switch to cloud computing?

If so, you’re not alone — from it, in fact: experts predict more than 80 percentof enterprise workloads will be cloud-based by 2020.

Adapting to cloud computingcan be daunting if you don’t know how to do so safely or what impact this will make on your daily operations. Working with a provider of managed IT services is the best way to avoid issues and feel reassured that your data is in the best hands. Continuous backup, restoration and more safeguard key information at all times.

#6. Avoid Unnecessary Downtime and Boost Productivity

So many businesses depend on stable internet connections and computers. Whether you’re conducting research, interacting with clients, gathering market research, or just typing documents, you need efficient systems to stay productive.

But any disruptions to your internet or equipment will cause delays. And that means issues with your workflow and productivity.

No business can afford to take chances on its clients’ satisfaction. There’s just too much choice in today’s marketplace.

Managed IT services ensure your employees have access to the network, apps and data they need to stay on-target. Any issues can be dealt with by experts quickly, leaving you to focus on managing client expectations.

#7. Assistance and Support Round the Clock

If you take responsibility for your own internal IT team and technology, you may be unable to access professional support and responses from experts as soon as you need them. If you try contacting local specialists, they may be unable to help you, especially if problems occur during the night.

But with our managed IT services, you know you have expert help on hand 24/7. Enjoy total peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands no matter the hour.

#8. Improve Performance, Growth and ROI in Other Areas

Choosing managed IT services leaves you with more time and flexibility to improve other areas of your business. Without the need to worry about cybersecurity or other key technology issues, you can focus more attention on such areas as:

  • Customer services
  • Employee performance
  • Productivity issues and incentives
  • Improving your office and facilities
  • Adapting your working processes

Any changes you want to make to the way in which your business operates can all be discussed with your managed IT services provider. This ensures adaptations remain practical and safe, eliminating the risk of harmful disruptions.

Your company can grow, become more productive, and build a stronger, happier workforce — simply by putting your IT operations in expert hands.


Adopting managed IT services is an incredibly effective, efficient way to stay safe, productive and up to date with software. Your employees will have access to all the programs and tools they need 24/7, without needing to worry about common security risks or unscheduled downtime.

NETWORTH’s dedicated team of technology experts is committed to helping small to medium-sized businesses achieve a better ROI in all your IT investment. We can scale your services as your brand grows and becomes more successful, ensuring you always have access to our resources and expertise.

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Want to learn more about what we can do for you? Just get in touch with the NETWORTH teamtoday and we will be happy to help!