5 Ways Professional Onsite IT Support Contributes to Your Bottom Line

5 Ways Professional Onsite IT Support Contributes to Your Bottom Line

5 Ways Professional Onsite IT Support Contributes to Your Bottom Line

Efficient, effective, reliable onsite IT support is a priority for any business in the digital age — and with good reason.

One of the main motivators for investing in quality onsite IT support is protecting systems against cybersecurity threats. 88 percent of Canadian businesses surveyed admitted they were afraid of being hit by an attack, which is alarming but unsurprising given that Canada experienced the third-highest rate of cybersecurity incidents in the world in 2018.

But another key motivator for adopting onsite IT support is achieving a healthier bottom line. Every business wants to improve or, at least, maintain their year on year, yet leaders may not realize just how much good onsite IT support contributes to a strong bottom line.

How does it do this?

Onsite IT support reduces cybersecurity risks and costly downtime

Inviting an IT professional into your office gives them a chance to assess your current security measures and identify any weaknesses that could make you more vulnerable to breaches than you should be.

Unfortunately, some small businesses underestimate their vulnerability to a cyberattack. They make the mistake of thinking they’re “too small” for hackers to bother with, which leaves them unequipped to repel a breach. The truth is, companies employing fewer than 250 people are actually a common target in Canada.

In fact, more than 40 percent of all cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses. And 60 percent of them are forced to close their doors within six months of an attack, which can have a devastating impact on dozens of lives.

Fortunately, professional onsite IT support can help startups and growing enterprises reinforce their network against breaches. Even making minor changes may reduce the risk of an attack significantly, which means less danger of downtime, reputation damage, and loss of clients.

Disruptive problems can be resolved quickly and effectively

During busy periods, calling an offsite IT support team for assistance can be more time-consuming than you might expect. While the best teams commit to answering calls and responding to queries as soon as they can, others are less focused on delivering such outstanding service.

In fairness, they may be stretched too thin and have more fires to put out than they can cope with. And this means employees could be left on hold for long stretches of time, waiting for advice on resolving a problem.

This can steal minutes or even hours from their day. Important work will be delayed and — potentially — key deadlines will be missed.

But having access to an onsite IT specialist gives employees access to hands-on help sooner. Technicians will find it easier to prioritize tasks based on the level of risk or disruption they pose when they’re on the premises, rather than based miles away.

As a result, issues will be resolved sooner and staff can go on with their work with less delay. Less danger of missing deadlines. Less risk of frustrating clients. Just better performance and higher productivity.

Save money by cutting costs

Switching to an onsite IT support service is a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time technician.

First of all, a qualified, trained specialist is available when needed — but never wastes time.

The money invested in their expertise brings tangible, direct results. A salaried technician, on the other hand, may have hours each day when they have nothing to do. Essentially costing you money which could be spent elsewhere to better effect.

As a result, choosing professional onsite IT support delivers better value for money and cuts overheads. The extra money may be invested into growing your sales or marketing department, to generate more leads and increase revenue down the line.

Productivity is increased as employees are more willing to ask for help

Sometimes, employees may avoid calling for help from an offsite IT support firm, especially if they’re reporting a minor issue. They may be afraid of being seen as a nuisance, wasting valuable time on hold, or even incurring the wrath of a manager who counts the cost of every phone call.

Perhaps they have no idea how to articulate an issue or worry about feeling stupid when they can’t follow directions.

But all of it changes when professional onsite IT support is available.

Staff can reach out to a technician they know and trust. They can expect quick fixes to problems in less time, which ultimately boosts their productivity.

As a result, software and hardware will be attended to as issues occur, or even beforehand. Everything from printer malfunctions and missing emails to faulty monitors can be fixed within minutes.

This empowers workforces to perform at maximum capacity without being hindered by temperamental equipment or platforms.

Onsite IT experts can drive more efficient, valuable purchase decisions

Off-site IT support teams can be fantastic, but they may have no idea what your current set-up is like. This knowledge gap can make diagnosing and resolving problems a harder, more time-consuming process.

But onsite IT professionals interact with your systems time and time again. They can determine which computers, servers, and tools would benefit from an upgrade. They can advise managers on the most cost-effective solutions for their business goals and capabilities.

These hands-on insights can inspire leaders to make better buying decisions. Less money will be wasted on unsuitable hardware or software, and any money saved can be channeled back into running the business.

Choosing an onsite IT support service over an off-site team is a big decision for any growing business, but as we’ve discussed, it can contribute to your bottom line in a number of ways. All with the potential to drive real results that make a lasting, positive impact.

If you’re curious about switching to a professional onsite IT support service, NETWORTH’s expert team is happy to help you get started right now. We’ll answer any questions and discuss your options in detail, to make sure you make the right choice for your business.

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