IT Field Network Engineer

Positions Available: Two (2)


IT Field Network Engineer Looking For A GOOD Place To Call Home

Do you LOVE IT and helping customers? Do you want to join a “family” where you can REALLY make a difference, be a major part of our success and surround yourself with other creative, high-energy professionals that “get” it?

We are a fast-growing IT firm that is eagerly searching for 2 full-time IT Field Network Engineers that can grow with us. You will thrive in this role if you are smart, EXTREMELY ORGANIZED and can handle the pressures associated with IT field network services. You must be a task-master that won’t let details slip, who respects deadlines and can GET STUFF DONE.

You have a passion for IT and thrive off the challenge of new technology. In this position you will be one of the top-level resources called upon to guide technical solutions and support the team with your expertise. Problem solving skills are your forte and you understand how to use the resources available at hand to solve technical issues. As you work through a technical problem you will see the bigger picture and understand how your changes affect other parts of the infrastructure but do so in a confident manner so as to not waste time second guessing.

You want to be challenged daily. Sitting in one location managing a stagnant environment does not excite you. Being able to manage multiple environments, projects and high level IT work drives you to enjoy your work. You have a desire to help others learn and are able to teach in way that instills confidence in your co-workers.

Role Competencies:

  • Effective communication with customers and employer
  • Team player
  • Organization
  • Scheduling
  • Time management
  • Outstanding technical knowledge
  • Desire to be the go to guy for a company
  • Personable
  • Ability to lead
  • Drive to learn

You must be a self-starter with a desire to not only improve themselves but need a company to grow with them by driving that growth themselves. This is achieved through the work completed, ideas and thoughts brought to the table and improvements made that allow the company to function better.

You are a flexible, ever changing, evolving entity that constantly strives to be the companies go to person for difficult technical issues, projects. A constant drive to learn keeps you engaged in the world of IT and its ever evolving options. Ideas and information gathered through learning help drive you toward a better tomorrow for your company and its customers. You are innovative when logic does not allow you to solve issues.

NETWORTH is an environment without micromanagement based on an employee’s ability to manage themselves and prove they can achieve not only the company’s goals but their goals also while being the driving force behind change.

Please ONLY apply if you have:

  • a college diploma in computer networking
  • or 5-7 years equivalent experience with a MSP or VAR
  • A+, MS cert
  • You are extremely organized and task-focused. If people make fun of how organized you are, we WANT you!
  • You like working in a fast-paced environment. ´Nuff said.
  • You are a straight-talking, no-drama person that hates company politics, hidden agendas and other B.S. that just makes everyone less productive and miserable. (We feel the same way and want to keep our zero-drama team environment intact.)
  • You LOVE IT and are truly PASSIONATE about it.
  • You are a HIGHLY ORGANIZED, DETAIL-ORIENTED person. Yes, that’s mentioned twice. On purpose. Please don't ignore this.

As a full-time employee, you will qualify for health insurance. You MUST be based within 50KM of the Mississauga area and or willing to relocate.

Only Canadian citizens please.
Does this sound like a GREAT opportunity for you?

Then please submit a resume by e-mail along with a brief, one-page summary explaining why you think you would make an excellent candidate for this position.

Please return the completed form via email to

ATTN: Josh Cook
Thank you