NETWORTH is truly a responsive company with an excellent understanding of our needs. They provide extraordinary technical competence mixed with creativity and business insight – which is rare and challenging to find. I am extremely satisfied with the relationship, and quality of work that NETWORTH delivers. The demanding nature of our business requires that we work smart - efficiently and quickly. We must minimize the amount of time spent thinking about computer problems or losing data. NETWORTH allows this to be done consistently - without the worry. Their service makes me feel as if I still have access to my own Enterprise class help desk but with much faster, personalized service. They have been managing our IT needs for over 3 years, including email & systems management, online data storage, data recovery, and computer support. Their virtual IT department is excellent and a pleasure to work with. They’re quick to respond, very efficient, and extremely knowledgeable but most importantly – straightforward and honest!

Natrix Separations Inc.