Vien Brewster

I cannot emphasize enough how pleased I am with the services and suggestions NETWORTH has provided to our Company so far. Before we got in touch with NETWORTH in May of 2014, our network was running very slow and this made it difficult for us to conduct daily operations and develop an effective back-up process.

NETWORTH came in and consulted a no charge audit at our location. We were won over by their unique approach in outlining the solution to our problems.

To date, NETWORTH has:

  • Fixed our bad connection by assisting us in getting our internet services upgraded;
  • Upgraded and consolidated our server infrastructure to streamline a lot of our daily activities;
  • Implemented an effective, low maintenance, daily back-up and disaster recovery process;
  • Improved security by installing appropriate firewalls and desktop virus/malware detection/protection.
  • Helped to narrow down the issues we continued to have with our phone system;
  • Ensured that all our IT problems, big or small, are dealt with in timely matter by appropriate and knowledgeable staff.

Being a pharmaceutical contract research and development company in a competitive industry, it is vital that we can carry out our activities without having to worry about data security and server crashes leading to delays in our timelines. NETWORTH has truly relieved us of that fear. We look forward to working with them for a long time.

Vice President, Finance
Impopharma Inc.