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Backup & Recovery Solutions by Datto

Intelligent business continuity.

Stop worrying about ransomware.

  • Where are NETWORTH’s services available?
    We serve the Greater Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, Burlington, Oakville, Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Montreal, and Niagara area.
  • What do NETWORTH’s managed IT services include?
    As an experienced MSP, we offer: network & server support computer network installation IT support management computer repair & maintenance computer IT support & wireless network services remote & on-site support information and cybersecurity services
  • Does NETWORTH offer any guarantees?
    NETWORTH ensures every single IT consulting recommendation we make with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. All managed IT services clients, take advantage of guaranteed 30-minute response time, making sure your business remains uninterrupted and your employees are happy and productive.

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Your data is your net worth. Protecting it isn't just an option; it's a necessity. At NETWORTH, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding your data against the unpredictable nature of cyber threats. That's why we've partnered with Datto, a leader in backup software, to bring you resilient data backup and recovery services that stand as your digital fortress.

Why NETWORTH’s Data Backup & Recovery?

  • Guard Against Ransomware: When ransomware strikes, it holds your data hostage. But with our backup and recovery solutions, you wield the power to nullify these attacks. Restore your data from secure backups and resume operations with minimal downtime.

  • Bulletproof Your Data: Cyberattacks don't stand a chance. Our partnership with Datto ensures that your data is backed up with the most robust, encrypted protection available. No matter the malware or breach attempt, your digital assets remain untouchable.

  • Recovery with Remarkable Speed: In the event of a data catastrophe, every second counts. Our swift recovery protocols powered by Datto’s innovative technology restore your data promptly, ensuring your business's heartbeat skips, not a beat.

  • Business Continuity Assured: Data loss can be a storyline of the past. With continuous backup processes, your business maintains uninterrupted continuity, ensuring that data loss is a hiccup, not a halt.

  • Tailored for Your Needs: Whether you're a small enterprise or a large corporation, our scalable solutions are customized to fit your unique data needs. Because when it comes to protection, one size does not fit all.

  • Compliance and Peace of Mind: Meet industry regulations with ease. Our backup solutions ensure that your data isn't just safe—it's also compliant with legal standards. Sleep easy, knowing your data integrity is maintained.

Your Data, Your Fortitude.

Your data is the backbone of your business. It's what you've built from the ground up. At NETWORTH, we aim to protect this legacy with the formidable alliance of NETWORTH's service excellence and Datto’s cutting-edge backup technologies.


Don't let cyber threats dictate your company's storyline. Choose NETWORTH for data backup and recovery solutions that promise resilience, recovery, and the restoration of your invaluable digital assets.

Datto Backup Solution Overview.

Data is crucial to businesses in every sector. Everything from customer relationships to website analytics to inventory management depends on accurate data. And if a disaster destroys that information, your company could be set back months — if not years.


That’s why your data must be secured safely and reliably as a part of your overall IT services strategy.


NETWORTH is proud to introduce you to Datto. This offers small- to medium-sized businesses a trustworthy way to back up data and recover it, fast. Your company will be able to minimize downtime and keep operating continuously when you back up your data with Datto.

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Datto Business Benefits.

NETWORTH’s Datto keeps your data stored in local appliances and a Canadian SSAE 16 data center, far from any potential issues that could occur at your site. Post-disaster downtime is reduced from months or days to hours, minutes, and even seconds.


Another key element of Datto’s backup and disaster recovery is that it’s highly automated, demanding little manual management. Files are transferred to off-site data centers quickly and efficiently, even if your company is stuck with low bandwidth or a busy network.


Reassure your employees and customers that their data is secured with the best encryption, keeping sensitive information away from prying eyes.


Schedule a consultation with a member of NETWORTH’s expert team to learn more about how Datto can help you today.

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