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The Ultimate Checklist for Vetting IT Managed Services Companies

Managed IT service providers are increasingly important to businesses. The best teams have the expertise to set up, maintain, and manage your IT infrastructure to suit your unique requirements. That will leave you free to focus on running your company with fewer technical distractions.

But before you start working with any of the IT managed services companies in your area, a comprehensive vetting process is crucial. Performing due diligence will help you find the right service provider for your business operations, goals, and budget. If you sign up with the first of the IT managed services companies you stumble across online, they may be unable to meet your needs as well as another.

To help make your vetting process simpler and more effective, here’s an in-depth checklist covering the most important factors to consider when exploring your options.

A Wide Range of IT Managed Services to Suit Different Needs

The best IT managed services companies offer a variety of solutions but tailor their packages to suit each client. They won’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to every business: they’ll do their research to ensure they provide the most relevant and effective services.

That also means you’ll only pay for the solutions you need and use, which gives you the best value for money.

Dedicated IT managed services companies offer:

●      IT support management

●      Computer network installation

●      Network and server support

●      Computer repair and maintenance

●      Wireless network services

When vetting service providers, ask for details on how they can specifically deliver the right support for your business and goals.

A Team with Invaluable Expertise and Experience

One of the most important factors to consider when vetting IT managed services companies is their qualifications and experience. The most reliable teams have honed their skills through training and years of hands-on work, and they have earned the right certifications to demonstrate their capabilities.

A trusted provider will include their credentials on their website and be happy to discuss their qualifications. Reach out to any companies that appeal to you for more of an insight into what they offer.

Managed IT services companies

Fast Response Times for Emergencies and Non-Urgent Situations

In an IT emergency, you want to feel reassured that your managed service provider is on hand to help you quickly. That can make stressful situations (e.g. your server goes down) easier to handle: you know that skilled specialists will take control and get you back on track.

But some IT managed services companies may not be as committed to fast response times as they should be. If something goes wrong with any aspect of your IT infrastructure, a team that responds slowly or not at all could make emergencies more difficult.

When vetting providers, assess their commitment to quick responses and their approach to handling urgent cases. They may guarantee a response within a specific period (e.g. 30 minutes).

The Latest Cybersecurity Solutions for Your Peace of Mind

Effective cybersecurity is essential for your business. There are many security threats out there, including ransomware, phishing scams, and malware attacks.

Issues with your IT infrastructure could leave your business vulnerable to attackers with the tools to cause severe damage. In the case of ransomware, for example, essential files are encrypted until a ransom is paid (though attackers may leave the encryption in place after that).

Not only would your team be unable to work as usual, but paying ransoms can be hugely expensive. Companies in Canada are paying more than $1 million in ransomware attacks, with no guarantee that the attacker will remove the encryption.

Look into the cybersecurity methods used by IT managed services companies before making your decision. They should have clear processes in place to help safeguard your business from attacks and address any vulnerabilities in your infrastructure.

Providing IT Managed Services for Other Businesses in Your Sector/Niche

When working with an IT managed service provider, it’s important that they understand what your day-to-day operations involve and the type of issues you’re likely to encounter. Otherwise, they may be unable to accurately determine whether or not they can assist you as required.

Ideally, your IT managed service provider will have experience of helping other businesses in your sector or niche. If so, they’re likely to understand the type of solutions that will help you work at your best, and they should know what technical challenges you have to avoid.

It may not be a deal-breaker if IT managed services companies have never worked with a business in your sector, though, provided that they can meet your needs in other crucial areas.

Onsite and Remote IT Support Available

Always look for IT managed services companies that offer onsite and remote support.

In some cases, you may benefit from having an IT specialist visit your business in person. That’s where onsite support comes in. Suppose you experience problems with your server, for example. In that case, your provider should send an expert to assess the issue, identify the cause, and either get it running again or arrange a replacement.

As a result, you and your team won’t waste precious time trying to fix problems yourself — you can focus on core tasks and leave the professionals to handle it instead. Critically, you can also avoid the expense of calling a local technician for help on a one-off basis, which may be costly.

Remote support is a convenient option when dealing with issues that don’t necessarily require an expert to be physically present. They can use their system to connect to another and assess the issue remotely. In some cases, they will be able to solve the problem without leaving their own computer.

Start Working with a Dedicated IT Managed Services Company Today

NETWORTH offers extensive managed IT services to businesses across the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario area. We provide bespoke packages at highly competitive rates, catering to companies on different scales daily.

Our managed solutions bring you the IT solutions you need with honest, friendly service. To learn more about how we can help your business, get in touch with NETWORTH now.

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