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Why Should You Choose Managed IT Services over In-House Solutions?

But information technology’s increasing importance to daily operations means that businesses must choose their setup carefully — the right systems and the right expertise are vital to maximizing ROI.

Companies can choose to manage their IT independently or outsource to a service provider. Many businesses opt for the latter over traditional in-house specialists for several good reasons.

And we’ll take a close look at those later in this post, but first, let’s clarify the difference between in-house and managed IT solutions.

What are In-House IT Solutions?

An organization may set up its own IT department and manage its infrastructure without outside support. They may only turn to external service providers in an emergency when understaffed or if their team is unable to handle a technical crisis by themselves.

In-house specialists will be responsible for all aspects of a company’s IT, including:

● Advising on hardware and software purchases

● Installing new programs

● Setting up new computers

● Resolving issues

● Managing cybersecurity measures

● Assisting staff with minor problems as they arise (e.g., forgotten passwords, phishing scams)

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT service providers bring businesses all of the above and more as a package, though they may also offer one-off solutions as required.

Providers will typically work with clients to assess their operations, identify their needs, and understand what services will suit their setup best. They will provide clients with remote and in-house assistance when necessary.

What are the Main Benefits of Managed IT Services?

Companies that switch from in-house IT solutions to managed services can expect several benefits that impact their operations in various ways. Here are some of the most important:

Take Advantage of the Latest Hardware and Software

Managing your business’s IT infrastructure in-house can be complex, and you may not have the information you need to invest in the most suitable hardware and software. And that’s especially true if your IT technicians are inexperienced or lack the time to dedicate to research.

The prospect of investing in new technologies and software can be daunting, particularly when you’re unsure how they’ll improve your performance. But a managed service provider will have the time, knowledge, and resources to set your business up with the ideal IT configuration.

Your daily work should become more streamlined and efficient when you leverage the latest solutions.

Access State-of-the-Art Security to Minimize Risks

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of today’s cybersecurity requirements, but a good defence is paramount to avoid severe disruptions.

Hackers utilize highly sophisticated tools and techniques to gain unauthorized access to systems. For example, ransomware is one of the most common cybersecurity threats facing Canadian organizations of all sizes. Ransomware demands are believed to have grown in cost by over 80% worldwide in 2020, with hundreds of millions of dollars extorted in Canada alone.

Staying vigilant, monitoring network security, and mitigating risks is a formidable challenge for in-house IT departments. Teams may be small and have a plethora of additional responsibilities besides security. That’s why many companies outsource instead.

A reliable managed IT service provider will have the resources to:

● Deploy best-in-class software to defend against viruses and malware

● Reduce the risk of downtime resulting from attacks

● Monitor your network to identify dangers before they escalate

● Create a security setup tailored to your company

An experienced provider will review your current infrastructure before they develop a bespoke security plan for you.

Save Money

Managing your own IT setup can be expensive when you consider the costs of hardware maintenance, new software, and fixing network issues that may arise. It can be difficult to control your IT spending because problems can occur without warning, and you may need to bring outside experts in to augment your in-house department during emergency situations.

But using managed services rather than an in-house IT department can save your business money in the long run, as managed service providers offering fixed prices help you to keep your IT expenditure controlled.

You’ll always have the support and expertise you need without the stress of unexpected costs.

Give Your In-House IT Specialists More Time to Focus on Core Duties

Switching to managed services enables your IT team to free up their schedules and focus more time on tasks that they may usually struggle to fit in.

One immediate benefit of this is that they’ll be under less strain and pressure: they can relax knowing that the outsourced team will handle security threats or network problems instead. They may be more relaxed and happier, and employees are up to 20% more productive when they’re satisfied at work.

They can also stay up to date with essential day-to-day duties, such as training staff on new tools, updating software, and other ad hoc tasks.

Access the Help You Need with 24/7 Support

Technical problems can strike at any time. And companies that operate round the clock need a 24/7 support service to address issues and minimize disruptions fast.

Otherwise, they may be forced to wait until their IT team arrives in the morning to have a problem resolved. That can equate to lost productivity, lost revenue, and missed deadlines.

Instead, a 24-hour IT helpdesk service gives you the flexibility to access an expert team as required. That can be hugely reassuring when your success hinges on maximizing uptime.

Start Working with a Managed IT Service Provider Near You

Your business can save money, improve security, and access the latest technologies when you work with a managed service provider. And NETWORTH is here to make it happen.

Our team has served clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area in Southern Ontario for years. We’ve helped businesses across varied sectors and offer a range of services, covering:

● Security

● Cloud

● VoIP

● Helpdesk

● And more

NETWORTH will review your present IT infrastructure, your operations, and your goals to tailor the ideal plan for you. Get in touch with our experts to learn more!

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