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Overwhelmed with managing your IT company? We can take over! We’re expanding our IT business through acquisitions, so if you own and operate a technology services company in Ontario and are looking to exit the industry or be a part of something bigger, NETWORTH can offer you a good deal you can’t resist.

NETWORTH has a solution!

Our options:

  1. Full buyout

  2. Buyout with employment

We’re open to all types of IT service companies. If you would like to sell your IT company, contact us at 855.976.3406 or send us a message by filling out our form below.

Stressed Man

Is growing and handling an IT company stressing you?

Image by Charles Etoroma

Does keeping your business afloat take over your life?

Senior couple hugging

Is it time for a career change or retirement?

Are you ready for a change?
Contact us now

NETWORTH will contact you soon.

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