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Choosing the right IT services provider during the pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has forced countless businesses and organizations to transform their IT infrastructure. Teams have switched to remote working and cloud computing wherever possible, with no clear idea when offices will be able to welcome all staff back safely.

This accelerated transition to a remote setup may have been daunting for unprepared teams, presenting even the most seasoned leaders with an unforeseen challenge. That’s why IT service providers have never been more important: they offer support for businesses of all sizes through technical assistance, managed services, state-of-the-art security, and more.

But choosing just one IT services provider during the pandemic crisis is tough if you’re not sure exactly what to look for.

Below, we explore several key ideas to keep in mind and help you make the right decision.

Pick a provider with a varied portfolio of services

This could be the most important part of choosing the right IT services provider.

A firm with an extensive selection of IT services will be able to offer a range of solutions to suit your goals. They will also be positioned better to perform a comprehensive evaluation of your current setup and identify the best services for your business before creating a tailored package unique to you.

A good IT services provider will take the time to understand your objectives, processes, and common issues before recommending the right solutions.

But a firm providing just one or two services may struggle to deliver the help your business actually needs.

Pay attention to provider responsiveness

When you or your employees run into an IT problem, it has to be solved fast. The longer you spend trying to fix it yourself, the more time you stand to waste.

IT problems may lead to reduced productivity, missed targets, and unsatisfied clients. If you have your own in-house IT experts, they may be unable to provide the help every member of your team needs or have the knowledge to fix the problem. Again, this means wasted time and potential financial losses.

For example, ransomware is a huge risk for companies in Canada — and that’s set to continue in the near future, experts believe. If your business suffers a ransomware attack, your team could be unable to work for days (or longer) if you don’t find an effective workaround.

One of the major advantages of working with an IT services provider is knowing they’re just a phone call or email away during a crisis.

But they have to be responsive to offer maximum value. That’s why the best IT services providers are committed to fast responses in any situation, across emergencies and non-urgent calls.

Quality managed service providers will adopt a proactive approach and monitor your network at all times. They may spot any issues and address them by the time you even realize something’s wrong.

Think about your budget carefully

A core part of running a successful business is managing your finances wisely. And that’s especially true in times of uncertainty.

You need to account for every dollar spent, even on something as crucial as IT services.

Be careful to choose an ethical provider who understands your budgetary limitations and creates a tailored plan to bring you the most beneficial solutions at a price you can afford.

Speak with your preferred provider about your budget and financial concerns you may have. Good IT services providers will work with you to make the most of your money and deliver what you need. They won’t sign you up for the most expensive, generic package they try to impose on every client.

For example, cloud computing is a fantastic IT service during the pandemic. Your employees will be free to work from any computer with an internet connection, whether that’s at home or if they’re the only person in the office. This offers a more flexible working setup than relying on software installed on specific computers only.

The option to scale is another key aspect to consider when budgeting for IT services. The best firm will be able to add more solutions to your package if your finances improve or you want to expand your infrastructure.

Consider backup and disaster recovery vital services

Every business should take advantage of cloud storage, backup, and disaster recovery services whenever possible. In a time when hackers leverage increasingly sophisticated techniques to cripple networks, the risk of losing access to critical files is just too big to overlook.

Choose an IT services provider offering backup and data recovery for your peace of mind. You can focus on running your business and helping your employees perform at their best without the fear of losing everything due to a cyberattack.

Another benefit of backup and disaster recovery is that your files will be ready to access if any of your employees’ hardware is damaged.

Perhaps their child spills water across a laptop while they’re working from home. Maybe a flash drive containing crucial reports goes missing somewhere in the house, but is never seen again.

In either case, employees could simply retrieve the necessary files online and get back to work immediately. It’s quick and simple.

Ask a provider what backup and recovery services they offer to determine if they’re right for you.

Check the provider’s background and references

Finally, don’t forget to look into your prospective IT services provider’s background. Think about:

● Who started the firm?

● How much experience do they have?

● What clients have they worked with in the past?

● Can you find testimonials/reviews from said clients?

● What guarantees do they offer?

A trustworthy IT services provider will be happy to discuss their history, their credentials, and their portfolio of solutions. Be wary of any team that appears unwilling to offer insights into their qualifications, experience, or processes.

Keep these tips in mind when choosing an IT services provider during the pandemic and beyond. They’ll help you make the smartest decision for your company.

At NETWORTH, we offer a diverse range of solutions for businesses across the Greater Toronto area, including our Helpdesk, Cloud, MSP, and Security services (to name just a few).

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