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What are the Key Benefits of Online Cloud Backup and Storage?

Is your business prepared for data loss?

Sadly, many aren’t. More than 50 percent, in fact.

If you don’t take managing your data seriously, a single cybersecurity breach or hardware disaster could jeopardize your company. Not to mention your employees’ future.

Sounds unlikely? Ask the 60 percent of small businesses forced to close their doors within six months of an incident.

You don’t want your company to be part of that group. Fortunately, online cloud backup and storage is an effective solution for today’s businesses.

And here are 5 key reasons to try it.

#1. Disaster Recovery for Complete Peace of Mind

Accidents happen. Everyone makes mistakes.

But even the most sincere error can lead to profound problems. A deleted folder here, an infected attachment there: any minor misstep has the power to lose key files or render them useless.

This is a major problem if you rely on local storage only. Just one version of an important file may exist — and if it’s lost, it’s lost.

Can you imagine calling a valued client to tell them a crucial document has vanished? Or requesting a wealth of sensitive data again, taking up more of their precious time?

Cyber-attacks (such as ransomware) or hardware failures can result in far bigger data loss too. Weeks and months of hard work may be lost in seconds, with no way to recover it.

Online cloud backup and storage eliminates this danger.

On-site mistakes or misunderstandings can be fixed in next to no time. The aftermath of security breaches is smoother and less disruptive: you’ll regain access to your data once your system is safe to operate again.

Reliable security measures reinforce your data against loss or theft too. Only authorized personnel with the right permissions can gain access. And that reassurance is a welcome weight off your chest when you have a business to run.

#2. Save Money and Time

Switching to online cloud backup and storage is an effective way to reduce expenditure.


● no need to invest in your own hardware for on-site storage

● reduced energy costs with no need to keep hardware running

● less need for in-house IT to monitor/maintain servers, drives, etc.

● no need to hire specialists for one-off repair or recovery jobs — your online data backup and storage provider handles issues instead

All of these add up to greater savings. And that frees funds up to channel into other areas of your business over time. You could invest in equipment upgrades, pay for an office makeover, maybe even offer your hard-working employees a small bonus.

What about saving time? You’ll avoid wasting the hours you might spend trying to understand why your on-site hardware is causing problems.

There’s no need to wait for your in-house IT support to finish their current job or to track down a local expert who’s available without delay.

Any data-related issues will be dealt with quickly and efficiently by experts, while you focus on keeping clients satisfied.

#3. Easy Access to Data Across Devices

You’re in a hotel on a business trip. You realize you need to work on a presentation or white paper — but the only copy is stored on your hard drive. In your office. A thousand miles away.

What can you do? Ask an employee to go into your personal files and mail it over? Start from scratch?

With online cloud backup and storage, there’s no need for either: you can access files from anywhere with an internet connection.

Effective security measures may require you to verify your identity when accessing accounts from an unrecognized device, but this is a simple process. You can get to work at any time, any place without needing to be near your office.

Share files with colleagues, employees and clients within seconds. Collaborate across vast distances in real-time. Minimize delays and disruptions by completing tasks 24/7, no matter where you are.

#4. Less Risk of Data Loss Due to Hardware Failures

Hardware is susceptible to different types of damage.

A leaking pipe may flood your server room. A fire could rip through your office. Flash drives may be broken or lost. Criminals may even steal your hardware if they gain access to your premises.

Any of these unfortunate events could cause severe disruptions to your operations. Your employees would be unable to access the files they need. And that means your clients would be left without the services they’re paying for.

Let’s not forget the time and expense of replacing destroyed/stolen hardware too. The cost of new drives and servers could be beyond your small business’s budget. What would you do then?

But these aren’t the only risks of relying on your own on-site hardware. Failures, outdated equipment and more all pose hazards too.

Online data backup keeps your files safe and secure at all times. Reliable cloud-computing providers maintain their equipment and update as required to deliver the most dependable storage solutions.

#5. Grow Your Storage as You Grow Your Business

Want to grow your business into a successful brand with a wider reach?

Of course you do. But if you choose to rely on local storage instead, you’ll place far greater strain on your resources. You may struggle to accommodate so much extra data or to provide clients with the level of service they expect.

Fortunately, online backup and storage allows you to handle a bigger customer base and workload.

You can invest in more and more cloud storage as you scale your company. This leaves you free to concentrate on all that involves without worrying about your in-house capacity for growth.


Switching to online cloud backup and storage is the right move for every business.

You and your team will:

● achieve greater flexibility to access/share/collaborate on files remotely

● enjoy peace of mind, thanks to cutting-edge security

● face fewer disruptions caused by hardware failures

● benefit from a smooth, reliable disaster-recovery solution

Want to discuss how online cloud backup can benefit your small business? Contact Networth’s friendly, expert team now.

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