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Ransomware Recovery - Charting Your Post-Attack Roadmap to Security

All businesses need a strong, proactive security strategy to stay safe from common cybersecurity threats — including ransomware.

Ransomware can prevent companies from accessing critical files and entire systems unless they agree to the perpetrator’s demands (though the ransomware may still stay in place even after paying).

Fortunately, a swift and effective ransomware recovery plan can help businesses minimize the impact that a ransomware attack has on their operations.

In this post, we’ll explore essential steps to take after a ransomware attack, and how comprehensive ransomware recovery can help ensure business continuity.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is one of the most common cybersecurity threats facing businesses of all sizes today. Around 60% of organizations in Canada were affected by ransomware attacks as of early 2022.

As a form of malware, ransomware typically encrypts files on targeted devices to prevent access. The individuals responsible for the attack will demand a ransom, often in cryptocurrency to reduce their risk of being traced, in exchange for decrypting the affected files. They may threaten to release stolen data, which can expose information about the businesses, their employees, and their clients.

However, even when paying the ransom demanded, there are no guarantees that the perpetrators will keep their word. They may leave files encrypted and devices locked. As a result, companies may experience severe operational disruptions.

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What Do You Need to Do After a Ransomware Attack & Recovery?

Disconnect the Affected System from the Network

The system(s) affected by a ransomware attack must be disconnected, isolated, and essentially quarantined quickly. Otherwise, the ransomware may be able to infect other systems and spread the problem through your network.

Isolating the problem to as few systems as possible can help to contain the situation.

Report the Attack

Ransomware is a crime, and it’s important to report attacks when they happen. Informing the authorities of your situation can help them understand the likelihood of further incidents, and may protect other companies from experiencing the same problem.

Change System Passwords

Once ransomware is removed from affected systems and the operating system is restored, change all passwords (or as many as possible). That’s vital to prevent those responsible for the attack from taking advantage of any passwords they gained while accessing the system.

Stop System Maintenance Tasks

Even when a ransomware attack locks files or the computer itself, essential maintenance tasks will still run as usual (such as removing temporary files).

However, while these are typically welcome, maintenance tasks could affect files that will be helpful for investigating the ransomware down the line. To avoid this, switch off maintenance tasks that are automated.

Recover Your Data

One of the most important steps in ransomware recovery is restoring your data. Cloud-based solutions can make it quick and easy to get your hands on essential files again. You can access the resources you need from any device with an internet connection and the necessary login credentials.

That’s invaluable when a specific system is locked because of ransomware, as you will be able to keep working despite the attack. Recovering data that is stored locally only, on affected devices, can be more difficult.

What is Datto?

Datto is recognized as a leader in backup and disaster recovery solutions. It utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to help businesses around the world stay safe, offering improved business continuity in the event of a cyberattack. Datto uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 with SSL key-based encryption to protect sensitive data.

NETWORTH has partnered with Datto to provide SMBs with robust data backup and recovery services.

How Do NETWORTH and Datto Work Together to Help Businesses?

Keep Working After Ransomware Attacks

One of the key functions of our Datto services is empowering you to keep working after a ransomware attack. Our backup and recovery solutions will enable your business to get back to work, even when a ransomware attack has held your data hostage.

We can help you use secure backups to restore your data in an efficient, safe way. That’s ideal for minimizing downtime, which can be disruptive to your operations and costly, and for aiding ransomware recovery.

Thanks to our partnership with Datto, your data will be secured with cutting-edge encryption. That can bring you greater peace of mind that your most sensitive data is protected against sophisticated ransomware attacks and other threats.

Quick Data Restoration Ensures Smooth Business Continuity

A ransomware attack has the power to lock you out of critical files, which can leave you and your team unable to complete core tasks. Essentially, you may be unable to keep supplying your products and services until the attacker removes the encryption from the affected files.

Fortunately, though, we and Datto work together to bring you continuous backup processes, which are essential for business continuity and ransomware recovery.

Our recovery protocols, powered by Datto’s incredible technology, allow for fast data restoration. You can keep working even when a ransomware attacker has tried to bring your business to a halt.

The Right Security Solutions for Your Business Needs

We offer scalable packages tailored to suit your company’s unique requirements and goals. Our ransomware recovery solutions are suitable for businesses of all sizes, and you can make changes as needed. We’ll also ensure that your data is protected and compliant with the latest regulations.

Start Protecting Your Business with NETWORTH and Datto Today

SMBs must be vigilant against ransomware and other cybersecurity risks, but making and executing a ransomware recovery plan independently can be difficult. Working with a professional team of IT specialists will make the process simpler and much more effective.

Businesses throughout the Greater Toronto and Southern Ontario area can use NETWORTH’s Datto service for safe ransomware recovery. Your data will be stored across local appliances and a Canadian SSAE 18 attested data center. By keeping your data in off-site locations, we can reduce post-disaster downtime significantly.

Want to learn more about how our Datto service works and what you can expect with our customized ransomware recovery solutions? To schedule your consultation with a member of the NETWORTH team, get in touch today.

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