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How Guaranteed Response Time For IT Services Helps Your Organization Grow

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

How much time have you spent waiting for your usual IT support team to solve an issue before you gave up?

Three hours?

Three days?

No matter how long you spend waiting for an IT fix, lost hours can lead to:

● reduced productivity

● disrupted service

● frustrated clients

● decreased revenue

But guaranteed response times offer a solution — and they can help your organization to grow.


Minimize Downtime and Maximize Productivity

Businesses depend on IT support to stay on track, but reacting to issues can be tough if you don’t know when they’ll be fixed. You want to know you have access to IT experts at any time, and that they’ll get to the bottom of any problem with minimal delay.

Let’s imagine a major part of your infrastructure goes down without warning. Something you rely on all day, every day.

You need a specialist to get into your system, identify the issue, and fix it. You could lose valuable customers and potential sales if disruptions continue. And the more time you spend trying to find an IT team able to help you at short notice, the less time you have to focus on running your operations properly.

Guaranteed response times make these challenging situations easier. Much easier.

Issues will be dealt with, and fixed, sooner. You’ll face less risk of downtime, maintain a satisfactory level of productivity, and customers may be more likely to recommend you based on your quality of service.

The general public is more tech-savvy than ever. They understand the technical problems that organizations face, but they also expect a high level of service. Guaranteed response times help you to meet — and even exceed — these expectations.

Reduce Strain on Your On-site IT Experts

Your in-house IT team is responsible for keeping your systems running smoothly, updating software, replacing faulty computers, making repairs, helping employees to access files, and handling so many other daily technical tasks.

But expecting them to fix major issues, such as cybersecurity breaches, as well can place them under unnecessary strain.

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