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Peace of Mind Guaranteed - Why Canadian Businesses Choose Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Updated: Apr 30

Building, maintaining, and protecting your own IT infrastructure can be a formidable challenge for any company. Running a business requires so much time, dedication, and focus that it’s easy to overlook issues with your IT setup.

However, hardware and software play a major role in business operations today, from promoting your brand to interacting with customers. If it’s not as good as it could be, your IT infrastructure could be holding you back.

Working with a managed service provider (MSP) is the simplest way to keep your IT infrastructure at its best. MSPs offer comprehensive IT solutions for businesses on all scales, including SMBs. They operate as an extension of your in-house IT team, providing dedicated support and assistance. With the right MSP in your corner, you can enjoy a number of key benefits.

We’ll take a closer look at these benefits below, offering an insight into why Canadian businesses continue to work with MSPs.

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Benefits of Working with Managed Service Providers

Here are the top five benefits of working with a managed service provider.

Enhanced Security

More than 85% of companies in Canada were affected by successful cyberattacks within one year. That means an effective IT security strategy is critical for all Canadian businesses, regardless of its size or industry/niche.

Just a few of the threats businesses face are ransomware attacks, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, and phishing attacks. A successful cyberattack has the power to take a business out of action for days or weeks. It can also be expensive: the average cost of a cybersecurity breach for Canadian companies is $6.94 million (as of 2023).

But working with a managed service provider will help your business stay safe. A highly trained team with invaluable hands-on experience and powerful resources can implement cutting-edge cybersecurity measures to protect your IT infrastructure. They will safeguard your data and minimize your risk of cyberattacks.

Reduced Costs

Outsourcing your IT to a reliable MSP can be more cost-effective than maintaining your own full-time IT team. Not only do you need to pay your IT staff a salary, but there are overheads to consider, too. All that can add up and take a sizable bite out of your budget.

Another unwelcome financial side effect of managing your own IT infrastructure is the cost of potential emergencies. For example, if a piece of hardware (e.g. a server) goes down without warning, you’ll need to either trust your IT team or call local experts to take care of it for you at short notice. That can be costly and inconvenient.

Switching to an MSP is the better option. Thanks to the predictable expenses offered by MSPs, you’ll know your exact IT costs from month to month (or year to year, depending on your contract). That eliminates the need for expensive emergency callouts and unexpected hardware replacements or fixes.

When you work with an MSP, they’ll take a deep dive into your business and operations to understand your IT needs. The insight they gain from this research will enable them to create a custom package to suit your company and budget.

Improved Efficiency

One of the most frustrating aspects of any issues with your IT infrastructure, whether related to hardware or software (or both), is the amount of time wasted on trying to find a solution. You and your team may spend many precious hours working on a way to fix a problem. That’s time that could be better spent focusing on key tasks and responsibilities.

If you and your team are distracted by technological issues often, your productivity and general efficiency are likely to suffer.

Offloading IT management tasks to a managed service provider gives you the freedom to redirect your valuable resources towards core business functions — where they belong. That can lead to a significant increase in productivity and overall efficiency.

Take Advantage of the Latest Hardware and Software Solutions

Finding the right hardware and software for your business is rarely easy. There are so many products on the market that scouring the different options available and their reviews can feel like a monumental chore. Not to mention the amount of time it may take to create a shortlist, compare features, and reach a decision.

But investing in the best IT technologies for your company is crucial, whether that means a complete overhaul of your infrastructure or a minor upgrade. Fortunately, you can expect a high-quality MSP to help you with your hardware and software choices.

Your MSP will take responsibility for procuring hardware and software suited to your unique requirements. They will consider your budget, needs, and goals carefully when scouring the market for the right products. When you’re powered by a dependable IT infrastructure, you don’t need to worry about technical issues interfering with your success.

Peace of Mind

Achieving success, maintaining it, and growing your business is no small feat. You have a lot of plates to keep spinning day in and day out. That can be stressful, even if you have the best workforce you could ask for. You need to find ways to make it all easier. And working with a managed service provider may do just that.

When you trust an MSP to handle your IT infrastructure, you can gain valuable peace of mind. You can rest assured that your IT is in safe hands all day, every day, with qualified professionals offering the support you need. You can concentrate on what matters most — running your business.

Start Working with a Trusted MSP Today

Canadian businesses working with MSPs can enjoy improved security, reduced costs, access to the latest technologies, increased efficiency, and greater peace of mind.

NETWORTH offers comprehensive managed solutions for businesses across the Greater Toronto and Southern Ontario area. Our managed IT services include:

●      Network installation and monitoring

●      IT support management

●      Troubleshooting

●      Computer repair

●      Printer issue troubleshooting

●      Backup and restore

●      Hardware and software procurement

We offer tailored services at highly competitive rates that are suitable for diverse businesses. If you’re ready to speak to our team and discover how we can help you with bespoke solutions, get in touch with NETWORTH today.

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