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Cutting Costs, Boosting Efficiency — Managed IT Services Explained for SMEs

Specialist IT teams provide managed IT services for SMEs across diverse industries. The best IT companies offer comprehensive solutions with tailored packages to suit each client’s unique operational needs.

Managed IT services usually include:

● Computer network installation

● Network and server support

● Computer repair

● Computer maintenance

● Remote support

● On-site support

● Information and cybersecurity services

● IT support management

SMEs can take advantage of managed services to free up time and resources in one complete package. But how does this help bring efficiency up and bring costs down?

How Managed IT Services Help SMEs Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Get a Single Point of Contact for your IT Concerns

Switching to managed IT services, instead of shouldering the responsibility yourself, provides you with one fixed, reliable point of contact for all your IT needs.

As a result, you can enjoy valuable peace of mind: if anything goes wrong with your IT infrastructure or an issue seems imminent, you can call the professionals. Not only does that help you avoid the expense of bringing experts in for one-off emergencies, it also means that you know any support provided is covered in your regular, contracted payment.

More Uptime, Less Risk of Downtime

Maintaining uptime is paramount. SMEs rely on IT systems to manage teams, communicate with clients, collaborate with remote workers worldwide, provide services, or sell products online.

Any downtime that occurs due to technical problems can have a severe impact on productivity, revenue, and customer satisfaction. You need to identify the root cause of any issues and fix them as soon as possible.

Managed IT services can help you maximize your uptime and reduce the risk of disruptions that cost you money in lost productivity.

Issues are Addressed Before They Disrupt Your Operations

A great team providing managed IT services takes a proactive approach to solving problems. They don’t wait for you to get in touch with an issue to fix — they’ll monitor your network and stay vigilant. Any unusual activity or potential concerns are addressed fast.

Your team can keep working and generating revenue with less danger of network or systems issues. If a computer seems to be acting up, or your network seems less reliable, your managed service provider will take care of it for you.

Save Money on Your Own In-House IT Team

If your SME has one or more in-house IT technicians responsible for monitoring and maintaining your IT infrastructure, they may become overwhelmed at times. Whether that’s because a security risk has brought your business to its knees for hours or your outdated computers need replacing quickly, they can only do so much with the resources available.

Putting your own technicians on your payroll can be costly, and you have to be sure they have the right skills to keep your SME up and running. If they don’t, you will be missing out on the expertise you need in an IT emergency.

By switching to managed IT services instead, you can free up time and space for your technicians to handle other tasks. They won’t be expected to keep your network and systems in optimal condition independently.

If you don’t have your own technicians, managed services are a more effective way to spend money. You won’t have to pay their salary, and you’ll have access to a team of specialists dedicated to making your IT infrastructure the best it can be.

Cloud Computing Gives You 24/7 Access Anywhere

A 2022 survey revealed that only 34% of small businesses in Canada use cloud computing, compared to almost 70% of large companies. SMEs may not take advantage of cloud computing for a variety of reasons, from not understanding how it works to potential cost concerns.

However, SMEs can benefit greatly from incorporating cloud-based services into their operations. One of the major advantages is having 24/7 access to files and data stored in the cloud. You and your employees can sign into a secure account from any internet-enabled computer or mobile device, from almost any location.

That offers the flexibility and convenience of working on tasks as needed, instead of restricting yourself to office-time only. You and your team can work more efficiently, whether that means using a home office because your kids are out of school or collaborating on documents when traveling for a conference.

Better Security Cuts Your Risk of Expensive Data Breaches and Downtime

No SME can afford to underestimate the power of a strong cybersecurity setup. An IBM survey found that the average cost of a cybersecurity breach for Canadian companies is $6.94 million.

Protecting your SME against today’s hackers and cyber criminals is paramount to avoid expensive downtime and the risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

High-quality managed IT services include cutting-edge cybersecurity measures to safeguard your network and systems. You can enjoy peace of mind that your SME will be defended against potential threats (from ransomware to phishing scams) 24/7.

Scalability to Support Future Growth or Downsizing

Planning to take your SME in exciting new directions in the near future? Growth can be a challenging, complex process for any small to medium-sized business. Expanding your team and operations means more computing power, more bandwidth, more software.

Fortunately, the best-managed IT services are scalable to suit your needs. You only pay for what you need, so if you want to add more to your package to accommodate your changing needs, you can.

Additionally, that applies if you plan on downsizing your SME: discuss your requirements with your provider, and they will be happy to explore your options.

How to Start Using Managed IT Services for Your SME

Managed IT services can help your business boost efficiency and cut costs in various ways. You and your team can focus on working at your best without the distraction (or expense) of handling common IT issues alone.

NETWORTH offers dedicated managed IT services for SMEs, with tailored packages at highly competitive rates. Contact our specialists today to find out how we can help you!

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