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Is Your Tech Stack Holding You Back? The Ultimate Guide to Business IT Solutions

Welcome to our ultimate guide to business IT solutions. Below, we’ll explore how your tech stack could be holding you back and how professional IT services can empower you to work at your best.

What is a tech stack?

A tech stack is made up of multiple technologies that work together to create digital products, such as websites and applications. Tech stacks are composed of front-end and back-end technologies, including:

  • Database

  • Frameworks

  • APIs

  • Programming languages

The tech stack you build has a major impact on the products you can create. That’s why it’s so important that your tech stack serves your business needs and empowers your team to build the best products they can.

Signs that your tech stack is holding you back

How do you know it’s time to change your tech stack? Here are four signs to watch out for.

Your employees find working with your technologies difficult

If your business relies on outdated technologies to create and deliver products, it’s likely that your team will find them challenging to use.

That might not be the case for workers who have been using those technologies for years already, but newer team members who are used to recent tech may feel like they’ve taken a step backwards. That could affect their productivity and the quality of their work.

You have to fix issues more often than ever

Any component of your tech stack may experience issues from time to time. They can cause little hiccups but might not bring your work to a complete halt.

However, if you find that your team is frequently facing issues that hamper their productivity, it could be time to update your stack. Older technologies will be more likely to slow your employees down. It might prevent them from unlocking their full potential and working at their best, too.

You’re worried about security

Reliable security is critical for businesses in Canada, as more than 85% of companies were affected by cyberattacks within one year (as of 2022). The latest technologies provide increasingly effective security, but if your tech stack is primarily made up of outdated technologies, you’re likely to be missing out on the latest security solutions.

Updating your tech stack can help protect your business against sophisticated cyberattacks, and will give you greater peace of mind. Your team will be able to operate with more security measures in place, and you’ll be less likely to experience downtime due to a breach.

Your team wants to explore new options

If your employees are aware of the latest technologies used by other businesses in your field, including your competitors, they may feel frustrated by the tech stack your company relies on.

Perhaps your technologies force them to work harder, whether that means they have to search harder for key data, perform small tasks repeatedly, or do anything else that aggravates them. Updating your tech stack can provide your team with exciting new ways to work and motivate them to up their game.

How can business IT solutions make things easier for you?

If you feel ready to update your tech stack and equip your team with the right technologies to help them achieve their goals, business IT solutions can help.

Working with a company specializing in IT services is a simple and effective way to transform your tech stack from the ground up. It doesn’t matter if your current stack has been the same for years and you have no idea how you can improve it. A business IT solutions provider will assess your company, your IT infrastructure, and your objectives to build a clear picture of your technological needs.

That’s crucial to create a bespoke configuration for every business. Any IT service providers that deliver a one-size-fits-all package may not be equipping their clients with the best technologies for their specific operations. That could leave teams without the platforms and tools they need for optimal results, and ultimately take a toll on their overall performance.

A reputable provider will take the time to discuss your pain points in depth, then devise a comprehensive tech stack with all the components you need.

What business IT solutions are available?

There are various types of options available. If you’ve never outsourced any aspect of your IT before, knowing what to choose and why can be difficult. That’s why a thorough consultation is so important to avoid mistakes and ensure value for money.

Some of the most common business IT solutions are:

Managed IT services

Managed IT services are ideal if you’re looking to upgrade your tech stack and streamline your entire approach to systems management. This includes software and hardware procurement, troubleshooting, repairs, and more.

All components of your IT infrastructure will be in expert hands, leaving your team free to focus on their work without needing to manage their own systems.


Every business, regardless of its scale and location, must take cybersecurity seriously. A security breach could expose invaluable data and, in the event of a ransomware attack, lock you out of essential programs. Cybersecurity solutions utilize state-of-the-art technologies and methods to protect companies.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way in which businesses operate. Employees can access fundamental programs and tools from any device connected to the internet (if they have the right logins).

Cloud computing business IT solutions are a cost-effective way to get high-quality software without needing to buy and host it in your own office. You and your team can work remotely from any computer with an internet connection.

Transform your tech stack with expert business IT solutions today

If your tech stack is holding your business back from being all it can be, business IT solutions can help.

NETWORTH is a team of technology experts dedicated to empowering businesses to succeed through a wide range of IT services. We can create a tailored package to suit your company, objectives, and budget.

Get in touch to schedule your free consultation today!

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