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The Role of Managed IT Services in Ensuring Cybersecurity

Businesses worldwide rely on managed IT services for everything from network support to computer repair and maintenance. But it’s hugely helpful in ensuring cybersecurity, too.

Why does cybersecurity matter to businesses today? And how do managed services help?

Keep reading to find out.

Why is Effective Cybersecurity So Important?

Criminals and hackers have highly advanced technologies at their disposal, enabling them to target businesses in diverse ways. Some of the most common cyber threats include ransomware attacks, phishing scams, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Ransomware is particularly prevalent and costly in Canada, with businesses paying in excess of $1 million in ransoms on average. Different cyber attacks can hinder companies in other ways, such as leaking sensitive data and overloading websites until they crash.

A comprehensive cybersecurity strategy will reduce an SME’s risk of falling prey to cyber criminals and hackers. The latest technologies and techniques make it much more difficult for unauthorized users to access networks, systems, and files.

How Do Managed IT Services Help Ensure Strong Cybersecurity?

Working with a reputable provider of managed IT services can help ensure effective cybersecurity in several ways.

Vigilant Network Monitoring to Identify Threats

Managed IT services include network installation and monitoring. An expert team will install your network and monitor it consistently to make sure it functions as required

As a result, any signs of unusual network activity will be spotted immediately. That’s vital for a proactive approach rather than waiting to react to a cybersecurity breach after it occurs.

With IT specialists working behind the scenes to protect your network, any threats will be addressed as soon as possible to safeguard your business. You may only know about a threat once it has already been contained.

Find and Address Your Security Vulnerabilities

When you start working with a managed IT services company, they will run a comprehensive assessment of your IT infrastructure. That process is crucial for understanding what technologies you have in place and for spotting any flaws in your security that could leave a door open for hackers.

Addressing all security vulnerabilities in your infrastructure promptly will help protect your SME against a wide range of cybersecurity attacks. Without this help from a managed IT services team, you may be unaware that these weaknesses exist — and that could put your network at risk.

Remote and On-Site Support

A well-managed IT services package includes remote and on-site support whenever you need it. That can be invaluable for implementing and maintaining a strong cybersecurity setup.

If you suspect that one of your systems is behaving oddly and a cyber attack may be imminent, an expert will be able to access your computer from their device to investigate the matter. That eliminates the need to wait for them to arrive at your office, which can be difficult when you feel stressed.

On-site support is highly beneficial in numerous situations, too. For example, a specialist can visit your office to set up a particular piece of hardware or software to improve your security.

managed it services cybersecurity centre analyst

Expert Insight and Advice on Keeping Your IT Infrastructure Secure

Cybersecurity can be a highly complex topic, and you may find it difficult to understand how specific threats or preventative techniques work. When you have a business to run and a team to manage, you don’t have time to research these areas as much as you might like to.

And that could leave you without the knowledge you need to build the right cybersecurity strategy for your business. However, switching to managed IT services will give you access to expert insights on cybersecurity and keeping your business safe.

You can rely on a seasoned team of IT specialists to provide you with information and advice on effective cybersecurity. They will happily recommend technologies, techniques, and best practices to improve your infrastructure’s safety.

Security Software Procurement

Endpoint Protection, Anti-virus software, firewalls, and other types of security software play a huge role in defending businesses against cyber threats. But the sheer range of options on the market can make choosing one or two daunting, particularly if you’re new to the world of cybersecurity.

Picking the wrong security software for your SME could leave your infrastructure more vulnerable than you expect, so it’s critical to research your options carefully. A managed IT services company will procure software for you, based on their knowledge of your business, operations, and budget.

That ensures that you will have the best security software for your SME, with the necessary features and functions to fend off attacks.

Fast and Dedicated Responses in Emergencies

If a cyberattack strikes and brings your business to a sudden stop, you want to know you have a professional team on hand to help you put things right. You can concentrate on communicating with your team and clients while the experts get to work on solving the problem.

With managed IT services, you will be able to reach out for support in any emergency and expect a quick response. NETWORTH offers a guaranteed 30-minute response time for all managed IT services clients.

Backup and Recovery for Added Peace of Mind

One of the most important steps in dealing with a cybersecurity incident is ensuring business continuity.

If you lose specific files during an attack, or if you’re locked out of them for any reason (as with ransomware), restoring them from backups is a major advantage. You can find the information you need and get back to work, even if the hardware you usually rely on is unavailable.

A managed IT service provider will implement data backups for fast, simple restoration (if needed).

Take Advantage of Outstanding Managed IT Services for Your SME

Effective cybersecurity will protect your business from ransomware, malware, and any number of other common threats.

NETWORTH is a trusted provider of managed IT services with a dedicated team ready to help you. We’ll keep your SME safe with the latest cybersecurity solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

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