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Here is Why Managed IT Services are Important to Your Employees

Managed IT services are increasingly popular with businesses of all sizes, and they can make a big difference to the employee experience.

Workers who constantly struggle with technical issues when they’re trying to perform at their best could become stressed enough to look elsewhere for employment. Or they could gradually become so irritated that they stop caring about producing quality work altogether.

But a managed service provider (MSP) can transform your IT setup to help create a more satisfying work experience for employees. And happy workers can be as much as 20% more productive than unhappy workers.

How does it work? In this post, we’ll explore why managed services matter to your workforce, covering four key benefits.

Improve Productivity and Performance with the Best Solutions

It’s crucial that your employees have high-quality hardware that allows them to complete their tasks to the best of their abilities. However, your team may be currently relying on outdated computers and software.

As a result, they might not have access to the platforms they need to do their best work. This can be frustrating for employees, especially if managers or clients blame delays or performance issues on them instead of the equipment they have to use.

But managers may find choosing the right new equipment daunting, particularly if they have little to no technical knowledge. The expense of purchasing it outright can be off putting, too.

Fortunately, working with an MSP enables you to implement the right solutions for your employees without the stress or hassle of sourcing it yourself. Your MSP will take the time to understand your:

● Current IT infrastructure

● Employee processes, challenges, and objectives

● Budget

● Scalability needs

Reviewing these factors will allow your MSP to update your employees’ equipment and empower them to focus on working at their full capabilities.

Solve Technical Issues Sooner for Reduced Stress

A fast response can make all the difference between an irritating technical hiccup and a rage-inducing issue that prevents employees from working for hours at a time. Unfortunately, your workers might struggle to get the quick response they need without a quality IT support team available.

If your business has in-house IT technicians, it’s likely that they have a lot to handle from day to day. They could be required to help employees regain access to an account after they forget their logins (and not for the first time). They might need to troubleshoot server issues and restore your Internet’s usual speed. And they may have a complex security problem to solve, one that’s beyond their training.

But switching to an MSP can make life easier for your employees. They won’t need to wait for an in-house technician to get through their backlog before they can fix their issue. Instead, they can trust that your business’s managed IT service provider will respond to their request promptly.

The less time your workers wait to receive the professional IT support they need, the less stressed they’re likely to become if they run into a technical challenge. If your MSP takes a proactive approach, they could even identify the problem and solve it before any employees are even aware.

Protect Employees from Making Security Errors That Could Harm Your Business

A good cybersecurity setup is vital to reduce the risk of lengthy, costly downtime, reputational damage, and other potential problems resulting from security breaches. The best defences can keep unauthorized users out of your network and raise the alarm in time for you to take action.

Without a solid security configuration, though, your business will be more vulnerable to attacks. And your employees could make mistakes that open the door to viruses, malware, spyware, and other threats.

Sadly, a worker without the necessary training or effective security software on their computer may not realize the danger of certain missteps. They could believe a phishing email is legitimate and download an attachment that infects their device with a virus. Or they may submit sensitive company data to a contact that appears to be a trusted institution but is, in fact, a scammer.

Team members might feel guilty if they’re responsible for causing a security breach, even if nobody places the blame on them. That could affect their confidence and satisfaction in the office. They might hesitate to follow links, download attachments, install software, or do anything else they need to in the course of their work from then on. And that would affect their productivity and performance overall.

Effective security can help prevent employees from making these and similar mistakes that place your business at risk. A reputable MSP will implement a security package suited to your operations, systems, and budget.

They’ll start by assessing your current infrastructure to identify your security capabilities and vulnerabilities. Then, they’ll build a bespoke solution that protects your company and employees against cyber threats.

Receive Different Types of Professional IT Support

An MSP will be available to provide your employees with dedicated IT support through multiple channels, 24 hours a day.

If they operate a helpdesk service, you and your team can contact IT, experts, directly in an emergency. This is far simpler and faster than trying to solve a technical problem by yourself.

The best helpdesk teams are accessible via a range of channels for maximum convenience, such as:

● Phone

● Web-based/live chat

● Email

An MSP may also offer remote desktop assistance: your employee can sit back and relax while a specialist controls their computer from a distance to troubleshoot issues. This is especially helpful today when around 5 million Canadians work from home.

How to Start Working with a Managed IT Service Provider Today

NETWORTH offers comprehensive managed IT services to businesses across the Greater Toronto, Southern Ontario area.

We provide:

● Network and server support

● IT support management

● Computer network installation

● Remote and on-site support

● Information and cybersecurity services

● And more

Take the first step toward empowering your employees with better equipment, better support, and better security. Schedule a consultation with NETWORTH today.

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