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How Managed IT Services can Help Small and Medium Enterprises Grow

Is your small or medium enterprise overwhelmed by IT issues again and again? Everything from problems with your server to data breaches can make a serious impact on your business, causing delays, harming relationships with clients, affecting revenue generation, and even damaging reputations.

But outsourcing your IT to a trained, qualified, experienced team of specialists can help you avoid common IT-related problems.

In this post, we will explore the advantages of working with a managed service provider (MSP), covering the types of support available, the hallmarks of the best MSPs, and more.

What is a Managed IT Services Provider?

Managed IT services are increasingly popular, with the Canadian IT Services market worth an estimated $25.6 billion in 2022. A good managed services provider offers a comprehensive range of solutions, including:

● Network and server support

● IT support management

● Remote and on-site IT support

● Computer network installation

● Computer repairs and maintenance

● Information and cybersecurity services

The best managed services provider will conduct an in-depth review of a client’s current IT setup and recommend a tailored package encompassing all of the services they genuinely need, maximizing value for money.

Why SMEs Need Managed IT Services

Any small business or medium enterprise typically has limited resources and IT capabilities. Taking a new company from its infancy and guiding it toward greater success demands an incredible amount of commitment, both personal and financial. That can leave little time, energy, and money to build an in-house IT team or manage your own IT infrastructure to a professional standard.

That’s why outsourcing IT to a managed services provider is often the most cost-effective, convenient solution. High-quality MSPs understand how to empower any small business or medium enterprise with the right services for their setup, operations, goals, and budget.

With a reliable MSP on-board, SMEs can concentrate on achieving their best work without the distraction or stress of potential IT problems. They know a team of highly trained, experienced IT experts will be able to handle any issues that arise instead.

What Makes the Best Managed IT Service Provider?

If you have no experience working with managed service providers, recognizing the good (or great) ones can be difficult. Due diligence will help you avoid mistakes and lead you to the best-managed IT service provider in your area. Here are four key commonalities between dependable managed service providers:

A Proactive Approach

A high-quality MSP takes a proactive, not reactive, approach. They will monitor your network, identify possible problems, and resolve them quickly. You should be able to trust them to handle any issues raised in an efficient, effective, and professional manner. And dedicated 24/7 helpdesk services are another hallmark of a great MSP: they will always be available when you need them.

Years of Hands-on Experience

Everyone has to start somewhere, and you may be tempted to go with a new MSP if they offer lower prices than the rest, but you have no idea if they’re capable of providing the necessary support. The best-managed IT service provider has spent years working with SMEs in various sectors, including yours. This experience enables them to build the right package for your business and deliver the services you depend on.

Transparent, Fixed Fees for Your Peace of Mind

The best-managed IT service provider will provide its services for a fixed monthly fee with an all-inclusive contract. The team will clearly explain what your package entails for the agreed cost.

You will know exactly how much you will spend on your IT infrastructure from month to month. As a result, you will be able to plan your spending in other areas with greater clarity.

How to Choose the Right Managed IT Service Provider for Your Business

Knowing how to find a good managed IT service provider isn’t easy, especially if it is your first time working with one.

And understanding how to work with managed IT service providers can be tricky too. What is the relationship like between an MSP and you, the client? The best MSPs will ensure that it is as smooth and friendly as possible. They will be available to you in any emergency and non-emergency situation, whether you feel concerned about a phishing attack targeting your business or your computer needs repairs.

Speak to your preferred MSP about how they stay in contact with clients before you sign up with them. Ask about their response times, the support methods they offer, and any other key considerations. It is critical that you genuinely trust your chosen provider and believe that they have the capacity to keep your systems running as required.

Now that we’ve covered how to find a good managed IT service provider, let’s consider how to get started.

How Do I Transition from Managing My Own IT to Working with an MSP?

The transition from self-managed to managed services may be a daunting prospect for any SME, particularly when you have so many plates to keep spinning already.

However, an experienced MSP for small businesses will have helped numerous other SMEs transition from self-managed to managed services successfully. And they will be ready to do the same for your business.

Your MSP will have an established framework for managing transitions in a streamlined, hassle-free way. They will discuss the process with you in detail beforehand to ensure that you understand the mechanics of it, and they will explain how the transition period will affect your day-to-day operations.

Once your managed services package is confirmed and in place, you and your team will have the freedom to concentrate on your core tasks while your MSP oversees your IT. Any cybersecurity threats, computer failures, network problems, or any other issues will be handled by the best people for the job.

NETWORTH is an experienced managed service provider working with SMEs in Greater Toronto, Montreal, Stoney Creek, Brampton, Hamilton, and other areas daily. We offer comprehensive managed IT services at highly competitive rates, with bespoke packages to suit SMEs in diverse sectors. Contact NETWORTH today to find out more!

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