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What are Managed Cloud Services and How Do They Help Your Business?

Are you considering migrating to the cloud?

Switching from a traditional IT infrastructure to a cloud-based setup is a huge undertaking. And the prospect of keeping it all running smoothly may inspire dread in many of us. But managed cloud services offer a solution.

In this post, we’ll explore how managed cloud services work and why they could be a big advantage for your company.

Managed Cloud Services Explained

Managed cloud services could be exactly what you need if you and your team are tired of managing your IT infrastructure in-house. You may depend on a wide range of cloud-based applications to run your business, including video conferencing apps, project management apps, and more. The more you use, the more difficult your infrastructure will be to handle without professional assistance.

An experienced provider of managed services will handle everything related to your cloud applications and platforms, from migration and ongoing maintenance to updates. Those services will be based on a comprehensive assessment of your company and operations.

The provider will take the time to get to know your business, your infrastructure, your day-to-day processes, and (crucially) your budget. Based on this knowledge, they will put a plan together to deliver maximum value.

Managed Cloud Services Benefits for Your Business

Here are eight benefits of managed cloud services:

Flexible Scalability to Suit Changing Demands

Flexible scalability ensures that your cloud infrastructure will always align with your business’s current status.

Over time, increasing success could prompt you to expand your team, grow your product/service portfolio, and even branch out into different territories (if you haven’t already). As a result, you would need a more comprehensive cloud setup.

Conversely, there may be times when your business becomes smaller and you don’t need managed cloud services at the same scale. In that case, you would require a more limited setup.

The scalability afforded by managed cloud services enables you to make the necessary changes at any time. Your provider will make the required adjustments while you keep running your company.

Enhanced Security for Greater Peace of Mind

More than 85% of Canadian businesses were hit by successful cyberattacks in 2021, with ransomware one of the most prevalent threats. It’s crucial that your company has an effective security setup in place to minimize your risk of falling victim to a hacker using the latest, hard-to-beat technologies.

Fortunately, with managed cloud services, you won’t be solely responsible for keeping your network safe — you’ll have an expert team to rely on.

Your service provider will implement a highly effective cybersecurity configuration to help protect your company against online threats. They will assess your business in detail to identify the most likely, most dangerous threats before they recommend a plan. These may include ransomware, phishing attacks, and more.

Effective Disaster Recovery to Minimize Disruptions

Any technical issues with your hardware could lead to serious downtime — and that may lead to angry clients, loss of revenue, and harm to your reputation. Issues can result from using outdated computers, installing infected programs, or physical threats like floods or fires.

Whatever the cause, disasters can be, well, disastrous for business. Fortunately, your managed cloud services will include a recovery plan to mitigate the fallout.

As your essential resources will be based in the cloud rather than on a hard drive, you’ll be able to sign in and access your data quickly. And that means you can deliver the services your clients pay for with minimal delays or interruptions. Your provider will give you all the support you need to maintain business continuity.

Take Advantage of the Latest Cloud Solutions

Sourcing the best cloud solutions for your company can be a time-consuming, exhausting, and daunting process. You might struggle to find the time to check out all the options available and just opt for whichever is cheapest.

But that could burden you and your team with something that’s ultimately inefficient, ineffective, and offers little value for money.

A managed cloud services provider will do all the leg work for you. They’ll identify the right cloud programs and services, give you all the information you need on them, and handle installation.

More Free Time to Focus on Your Goals

Managing your own cloud infrastructure demands time and effort — both of which could be in short supply when you have a growing business to oversee. That has to be your main focus. But sometimes, things will go wrong, and you’ll need to take time away from essential tasks to put them right.

Managed services can relieve you of that burden. Your provider will take responsibility for keeping your cloud setup functioning properly, leaving you with the time and space to focus on success.

Custom Setups Available to Suit Your Unique Requirements

Every business is different, even if only in minor ways. Your ideal cloud setup may be similar to that of many other companies, but simply providing you with an exact copy might leave gaps that lead to problems down the line.

It’s crucial that a highly trained, highly experienced team understands your business needs in detail to avoid any potential oversights. With a good provider, you will get the ideal managed cloud services for your company, and even if your needs change over time, your setup can easily be amended.

Know Exactly How Much You’ll Pay for Your Cloud Services Each Month

Your plan will be priced based on what you need: you won’t pay for any programs or other services that go to waste. And that price will be fixed from month to month, so you’ll always know how much your managed services will cost. You won’t need to worry about unexpected fees eating into your finances.

Take the Next Step with NETWORTH

Has this post inspired you to find out more about managed cloud services for your business?

NETWORTH is a seasoned team of dedicated IT specialists offering a wide range of solutions, including managed cloud services for companies in diverse sectors. Speak to our team and get started today!


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