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Choosing the Right IT and Cloud Services Provider

Switching to an external IT and cloud services provider is a daunting process for any business.

The benefits of switching to an IT and cloud services provider include:

● cutting costs

● streamlining operations

● gaining more time to focus on delivering the highest standard of service

But it’s crucial that you choose a trustworthy team capable of safeguarding your data and catering to your unique requirements. Any unforeseen issues could disrupt your operations, cause reputational damage, and cost you big money down the line.

So, how can you minimize risk and choose the right provider?

Explore their technologies and working methods

One of the first things to consider when looking for an IT and cloud services provider is the technologies utilized. The solutions upon which the services are based must align with your current environment and goals — or the transition could be problematic.

Ask the provider about the migration period: How long will it take? What’s required at your end to facilitate a smooth transition? What potential issues do they expect or have experienced in the past?

A trustworthy provider will be able to answer your questions with full transparency. Even if something were to go awry, the best team will inspire confidence and leave you reassured that it can handle any problem.

Ask about their support program

You have a question. You want to speak to one of your provider’s experts. You want to know exactly when they’re available and when you’re effectively on your own.

A good team has clear operating hours and offers a strong support program. Round-the-clock availability is essential for many businesses who expect to receive 24/7 help and fast responses. This minimizes downtime and offers the full flexibility companies on all scales require to operate at their best.

Watch out for IT and cloud services providers who seem evasive. When your network’s down, the last thing you want is to find the expertise you’re relying on (and paying for) is nowhere to be seen.

Ideally, support will be personalized to ensure advice and solutions are relevant to your businesses, to your set-up. Otherwise, they may make challenging situations even worse.

Check security for your data and files

Cybersecurity is paramount. While no organization is too big to be immune to cyberattacks, breaches can be particularly dangerous for small businesses — more than 40 percent have no defences against potential attacks. That’s a massive risk when 37 percent of companies suffering a breach estimate the cost to exceed $100,000.

Take the time to investigate the security profile of any IT and cloud services provider you consider working with. They should review your business’s IT infrastructure and provide a security solution that keeps unauthorized visitors at bay.

Best-in-class antivirus technologies should be put into place to protect against potential malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, spyware, and other threats.

The provider may be willing to discuss other projects they’ve worked on (including those similar to your own) and explore the steps they took to safeguard the client.

Look into their disaster recovery

Following on from effective security, good disaster recovery is crucial to reduce the risk of severe fallout that a major cyberattack or system failure could cause. The best provider mitigates these risks anyway — but it’s reassuring to know any downtime will be minimized in a worst-case scenario.

Quality IT and cloud services providers offer continuous backup, restoration, access, and sharing of information online, from any location. You’ll be able to start working in next to no time, with the data and files you need.

Be clear on the backup available, the technologies leveraged to facilitate this, and everything else you need to know about recovery after an unlikely disaster.

Consider their partner choices

Any reputable IT and cloud services provider works with the best technologies available, from trustworthy brands. For example, NETWORTH is a Premier Dell Partner, which empowers us to cater to all your hardware needs, including professional support and ongoing maintenance. We’re equipped to provide your complete IT infrastructure as a turnkey solution.

The software utilized should be of a high standard, too. Microsoft’s Office 365 is one of the cloud platforms we use, thanks to its ability to boost your productivity, nurture collaboration in the workplace, and secure customer data.

Be prepared to ask about the hardware and software your IT and cloud services provider will implement.

Assess their testimonials and customer satisfaction

It should go without saying that a provider’s reputation matters. But it’s easy to be wowed by the claims and the sales pitch a company makes on its website.

Any reputable provider will present transparent testimonials from genuine clients in a clear view. Studying this feedback can help you determine how qualified the provider is to help your business with such crucial services.

The provider should be willing to offer further information on previous projects for greater peace of mind.

There’s a lot to consider when trying to find the right IT and cloud services provider for your business. Choosing the wrong team could cost you big bucks in fees that offer little value in the short-term, but a mistake might have wider repercussions down the line.

For example, a failure to protect client data from hackers may lead to legal action, loss of business, and long-lasting reputational damage.

But making the right choice offers numerous benefits for small and growing companies. You could spend less on in-house hardware and software, boost productivity, streamline processes, and gain more flexibility to concentrate on delivering the best service you can without being hindered by an outmoded infrastructure.

NETWORTH is an IT and cloud services provider with years of experience helping businesses like yours flourish. We’re committed to service of the highest standard, personalized solutions, and round-the-clock support.

We also offer fast repairs, we’re dedicated to answering your call in 60 minutes or less and guarantee 100 percent unconditional satisfaction.

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