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How 24/7 IT Support Improves Your Bottom Line

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Close to 60 percent of companies use outsourcing to cut down on their expenses, driving the value of the global outsourcing market to exceed $85 billion.

And an increasing number of businesses are outsourcing their IT support. The best providers offer 24-hour availability, which can help brands reduce costs, make their budget go further, and ultimately create opportunities to increase revenue.

But how does 24-hour IT support actually improve your bottom line?

Experience Less Downtime and Fewer Disruptions

Downtime is a huge issue for businesses and organizations across all sectors. Particularly for those delivering digital products to customers, such as cloud-based software or e-stores.

One common cause of downtime is cybercrime. More than one-fifth of Canadian companies have been impacted by a cybersecurity incident, creating 23 hours of downtime on average.

Downtime and disrupted service cause a number of problems, including:

● Customers are unable to complete transactions

● Support teams may be unavailable to resolve issues, potentially leading customers to go elsewhere

● Services clients depend on (such as accounting software, payment tools, etc.) will be inaccessible, disrupting their own operations

● Workflows are affected, causing further delays and disappointment in the future

Clients may lose faith in your company if downtime occurs just once, let alone multiple times. 89 percent of consumers have stopped doing business with a company and chosen a competitor due to a poor experience.

Fortunately, 24/7 IT support means experts are always on-hand to address problems and keep your business online. They’re up to date on the latest cybersecurity risks, and take all steps necessary to safeguard your network against ransomware, DDoS attacks, and more.

This boosts your ability to deliver the products and services clients expect, with less danger of losing money because of circumstances beyond your control.

As a result, your customer-retention rates may increase — which can elevate your profits by as much as 25 - 95 percent.

Just relax and focus on scaling your business. The more customers you can satisfy, the better your bottom line will be.

Empower staff with flexible working hours

Flexibility is a core desire for today’s workers. More than 50 percent of employees want greater freedom to do their job in a way that suits their lifestyle and personal goals better.

Switching to 24/7 IT support with a reputable team of experts means your company can deliver this much-needed flexibility safely.

Why? Because they can access tools and business accounts from home at any time, without worrying about becoming locked out or making your system vulnerable.

An employee might prefer to leave the office in the afternoon and work a few hours in the evening, for personal reasons. The IT support team is available at any hour throughout the day and night. Any issues or potential threats can be handled without delay — there’s no need to wait until the next morning.

Such delays are common when relying on support services which operate during standard office hours only.

This flexibility stands to boost employee morale, engagement, and satisfaction, too. So, not only will staff work more efficiently, they’ll be emotionally invested in doing the best they can.

Greater accessibility and 24/7 support means staff can complete tasks sooner, too. This all can translate to a better customer experience, boosting client loyalty and referrals over time.

Free up your in-house experts’ time to boost productivity

Switching to 24-hour IT support takes the strain off your in-house IT team.

This is especially helpful in companies where just one or two specialists are expected to assist a growing workforce. They may struggle to respond to requests, fix problems in good time, and generally stretch themselves too thinly.

Issues can go unresolved. Data breaches might be missed. Clients could become frustrated by delays and look to a competitor.

But outsourcing IT support to a team available every hour of the day, every day of the week, gives your in-house specialists more time to channel into other areas.

For example, they might work on refining your company’s own tools and improve workflow. They may be able to train colleagues on effective cybersecurity measures or implement new collaboration software that reinforces your company culture.

Their input could drive efficiency and productivity across your business, creating happier customers and a powerful reputation.

Alternatively, you might opt to remove your in-house IT specialists altogether to save costs. Whichever option you choose, there’s real potential to improve your bottom line over time.

Work with a team that knows your business inside out

Choosing 24/7 IT support is a far more cost-effective decision than calling for help on an as-needed basis. A technical support line, for example, knows nothing about your company’s structure, working processes, hardware, etc.

In an emergency, this in-depth knowledge and familiarity with your unique set-up can mean all the difference between costly downtime and staying on track. Working with a 24/7 support team consistently leads to a personalized service catering to your business’s individual requirements and goals.

Experts with a real awareness of your company and systems will be able to resolve problems, talk employees through issues, and provide practical advice. All of this helps your workforce perform to a higher standard, avoid disruptions, and provide the products or services your clients depend on.

Working with Canadian IT Support Specialists 24 Hours a Day

We’ve explored the ways in which 24/7 IT support can improve your bottom line — but how can you try it for yourself?

NETWORTH is an experienced firm offering expert 24-hour IT support for organizations of different sizes, from startups looking to scale to established brands with large workforces.

All of our helpdesk technicians are located in Canada for your convenience and peace of mind. We can scale as your business continues to achieve success, and we’re committed to the highest standard of customer service.

Want to speak to a member of NETWORTH’s team now? Just call us toll-free, fax us, or try our fast live-chat option instead!

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