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5 Ways Professional IT Support Boosts Your Employee Satisfaction

Switching from in-house to external IT support offers a number of advantages — and a happier workforce is one of the most important.

Sadly, too many businesses overlook employee satisfaction. This is why just 13 percent of workers across the world feel “highly engaged” and “highly satisfied” in their jobs, while a mere 21 percent describe themselves as “somewhat engaged”.

No business or organization can afford to ignore their workforce’s happiness. Research shows satisfied employees are up to 20 percent more productive (37 percent for sales teams), which may be why the Fortune “100 Best Companies to Work For” enjoyed an annual 14 percent increase in stock prices across seven years.

So, how does switching to professional IT support boost employee satisfaction?

1. Less Downtime, Less Stress

In-house IT experts can only do so much with the resources available to them. And this can limit businesses’ ability to get back up and running after a major problem strikes.

Let’s not forget: on-site IT specialists are probably responsible for training staff to use tools, setting up accounts, and troubleshooting everyday technical issues too.

This means solving major issues is just another plate to spin, extending periods of downtime longer than necessary. Days or weeks struggling to perform at full capacity can cause serious disruptions to workflow, leaving teams unable to hit deadlines and deliver the services clients expect.

And that can be hugely detrimental for small businesses, especially those in the process of scaling.

But the best professional IT support firms are committed to offering round-the-clock support to clients and resolving problems as soon as possible. Employees can concentrate on being productive and meeting targets without the stress of trying to do more in less time.

And as stress makes people three times as likely to leave their jobs, reducing this benefits everyone.

2. Access to the Latest, Best Tools

Upgrading to the latest technologies is a costly process, and may seem non-viable for small businesses. Managers may decide to stick with inefficient software despite working with outdated software posing security risks, reducing productivity, and impacting efficiency.

Switching to professional IT support is a more cost-effective option than straight upgrades across the board: you’ll get access to the latest tools and technologies as part of a tailored package.

Your team will be able to leverage high-quality, high-value solutions that offer your business the level of cybersecurity you need to operate at maximum capacity.

Highly-skilled employees may leave if the tools available aren’t up to the level of performance they could find elsewhere. Investing in quality IT support can satisfy these tech-focused workers and increase retention.

Your employees won’t be struggling with laggy, cumbersome tools anymore. They won’t be frustrated by the lack of on-site storage space when they can rely on cloud-based services. The technology at their disposal will help them work faster and more efficiently, rather than standing in their way.

3. Reduced Risk of Employee Mistakes Causing Security Breaches

Sadly, employee negligence is the leading cause of data breaches. And the cost of poor cybersecurity practices can be huge: companies lose an average of $3.6 million globally due to data breaches.

In-house, full-time IT support teams can only do so much to monitor networks and mitigate risks. Cybersecurity is just one part of their job.

Professional IT support teams, on the other hand, offer a comprehensive security service that protect your network from attacks, defend data against opportunistic hackers, and implement best-in-class antivirus software.

They’ll focus on stopping phishing, spyware, malware, ransomware, and other threats using cutting-edge solutions. This starts with a review of your business’s current IT infrastructure, to identify vulnerabilities, improvement opportunities, and any issues increasing your risk of breaches.

As a result, employees become less accountable for problems and can concentrate on their work without fear.

4. Dedicated Service Means Faster Responses to Calls for Help

An employee can’t access a critical tool. They keep trying to log in again and again, but it’s just not happening.

So, they pick up the phone and call your in-house IT specialist, who tells them they’re busy. The employee hangs up and waits … and waits … and waits.

Hours may have passed before the IT specialist solves the problem. This translates to wasted time and reduced productivity. The employee will be frustrated at having to wait so long for what might be a simple fix, too.

But dedicated 24/7 support gives your workforce access to IT experts with fast response times guaranteed. The best support is personalized to your business, based on your infrastructure and processes.

The more the support team understands your company, the more efficient its service will be.

Employees can enjoy peace of mind knowing the expert help they need is always available — not tied up for hours at a time.

5. Leaders Have More Free Time to Focus on Employee Engagement

Professional IT support leaves business leaders with more time to focus on their core responsibilities, including the wellbeing of their employees.

There’s no need to worry about whether a technical issue will cause disruptions or an employee will open the door for a virus to bring operations to a halt. The IT support firm monitors your network and performs computer maintenance services as required.

Overall, this has the power to create a more relaxed, focused workplace. Leaders can dedicate time to listening to employees, addressing issues affecting the company culture, and generally being present.

This is crucial to employee satisfaction: almost half of workers polled admitted they believed their bosses could do more to make them feel appreciated and valued, such as recognizing achievements.

Employee satisfaction is key to running a productive, efficient business. Switching to professional IT support can create a happier workforce in several ways, but how can you make this change?

NETWORTH makes the process fast and simple for even the smallest business. Just get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to discuss your options today.

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