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How IT Managed Services can Save You Money

Maintaining healthy finances is paramount for your business’s ongoing success. And that can be tough when so much of running a company well today means equipping your workforce with the latest, most cutting-edge solutions. Especially if you’re working to a tight budget.

That’s why more and more businesses are turning to IT managed services. But how do IT managed services save you money in the long run?

A fixed monthly fee brings stability and peace of mind

Even the best technology can go wrong at one time or another. Faulty computers or network issues can cause major disruption to your team’s processes, and the problem may be too big or time-consuming for your own IT support staff to fix.

So, you might decide to call a local expert in to help on a one-off basis, but they’ll likely charge a high fee in an emergency situation. An unexpected expense like this can eat into your finances and leave you without the funds you usually rely on from month to month.

But when you switch to managed IT services, you’ll be charged a fixed rate every month. This is agreed based on your business’s specific requirements, instead of a generic one-size-fits-all model. You’ll only pay for what you need — no more, no less.

A fixed monthly fee ensures you know how much your IT managed service will cost, bringing you real peace of mind: no matter what goes wrong with your hardware or software, you know you’ll be covered.

Reduce your risk of costly cybersecurity breaches

Cybersecurity breaches are a common worry for small businesses in Canada. Research shows almost one in five have fallen prey to a cyber attack of some kind within the past two to three years, with almost 40 percent of those estimating the incident cost them more than $100,000.

Even worse, one in five of those attacked had no idea how much they lost as a result of an attack.

When there’s so much at stake, no company can afford to take a complacent approach to protecting itself against cyber attacks, whether that takes the form of a phishing scam, a virus, ransomware, or any other tactic. But you may not have the time or resources to fight off increasingly sophisticated techniques and technologies effectively.

Fortunately, with IT managed services, you can relax and focus on running your business while a professional team handles the heavy lifting for you. The managed service provider (MSP) can secure your network with best-in-class antivirus and malware software, designed to defend against potential malware, spyware, etc.

The experts will keep your systems safe from intrusions and ensure your workforce is free to complete tasks without fear of letting something nasty into your network.

As we’ve already established, a cyber attack could cost tens of thousands of dollars through downtime and disrupted operations. But managed IT services and cutting-edge security measures can save you money in the long run by reducing your risk of expensive downtime significantly.

Take a proactive approach to addressing problems

The last thing you need in an IT expert is someone who knows what to do after an emergency. Yes, they may help you get your systems back online, but if they missed warning signs and allowed your network to become disrupted by a common type of attack, they’ve cost you money.

What you really need is a managed IT service provider with the expertise, skills, training, technology, tools and up-to-date knowledge to help your business avoid problems before they occur. The team will provide you with the essential security updates, checks, hardware recommendations, and more based on a comprehensive understanding of your company.

The best IT managed service firm takes the time and effort to learn everything it needs to about your company. This includes reviewing your IT infrastructure in detail to devise a bespoke security solution ideal for protecting your business from unwanted guests. You’ll be made aware of potential risks or performance issues, so you can make an informed decision about addressing them effectively.

You’ll know the measures implemented are based on real research and offer practical defence, rather than being a generic solution every business gets whether it needs it or not. Having the best tools and technologies at your workforce’s disposal translates to increased productivity and less risk of costly downtime.

Managed IT services scale with you

The best local managed IT services scale with you. This is vital for business-owners planning to grow their company in the near future: your requirements, goals, and expectations will all evolve with your business. Your security, hardware, etc. should be reassessed and adjusted to align with changing needs.

Again, a good firm will understand your business at length and identify the right solutions at every stage of your growth. This helps you avoid making costly mistakes that might come with trying to upgrade your own hardware and software without expert help.

Receive fast responses and repairs

Working with a managed IT service provider brings you a quick response in emergency and non-urgent situations. You won’t get this reassurance if you rely on one-off calls to a local expert, who may be available on an “as and when” basis.

When you know your call will be answered in 60 minutes or less, guaranteed, you’ll know any issue can be addressed with minimal risk of disruption. Remote network IT support services are available for your convenience if your computer has to be fixed, so you can access your system while you wait to get your own hardware back.

There’s no need to lose hours or days of precious productivity. Just keep working and let the experts get you back online.

Want to try managed IT services for your own business? NETWORTH’s experts have years of experience creating custom solutions for small businesses across the Greater Toronto and Southern Ontario area.

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