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Why 'Near Me' Matters: The Power of Local IT Managed Service Providers

Working with a managed service provider is an increasingly popular solution for Canadian companies on all scales, but particularly SMEs. According to Statista, the IT services market in Canada is expected to continually grow in value, with a projected revenue of more than $38 billion in 2028.

IT managed service providers offer businesses a wide range of benefits, but choosing the right one for your company can seem difficult with so many options. You have a lot to consider, including the services available, costs, and more.

But one of the most important factors to think about when searching for an IT managed service provider is location.

Why? We’ll explore seven key reasons below.

Get a quick on-site response in an emergency

Canadian SMEs that outsource to an IT managed service provider outside their province or territory, or even in another country, can never expect on-site help in an emergency. While a large part of managed services involves remote and online assistance, there are times when you may need an expert to visit your office instead.

For example, perhaps you want to update your IT infrastructure with new machines, but have never had to manage installation on such a large scale. Having a seasoned IT expert on hand is ideal in a situation like this: they can ensure that your equipment is set up properly to avoid potential issues down the line.

When you choose a local IT managed service provider, you can depend on them to offer the on-site support you need. They can help you with computer repair and maintenance, network installation, and more — whether it’s an emergency or a scheduled visit.

No time zone issues to worry about when you need support

Remote assistance and IT helpdesks are fantastic when you need quick support from a seasoned pro. You can reach out by phone, and receive the right advice or service (e.g. remote network support) directly.

However, that may not be possible if you choose an IT managed service provider in another location. Unless they operate 24/7, your provider might be unavailable in emergencies if they’re in another time zone. That can be frustrating and could lead to delays.

Fortunately, working with a local provider guarantees that you’ll be in the same time zone, so they’re likely to operate during the same hours as your company.

Local IT managed service providers may have experience with businesses in your industry

If there are other businesses in your industry or niche near you, it’s likely that local managed service providers have worked with one or more of them. That means they may be familiar with the type of IT infrastructure required by SMEs offering the same products or services as you.

That can be a big advantage: they’ll know which hardware and software to recommend to help you do your best work. And they should have an insight into the type of technological issues SMEs in your area can experience, which is ideal for taking effective precautions.

You can get feedback on a provider’s quality from other local businesses

Signing up with a managed IT service provider is a big move for any SME. You want to feel reassured that you’ve made the smartest, most informed choice you can. You want to be able to trust your provider to deliver the best service at the best price.

That’s why researching your options is so important. When you opt for a team in another area or country, you can only depend on online reviews and testimonials. But with a local provider, you have the freedom to contact individuals and businesses you trust for recommendations.

They may be able to direct you towards a specific IT managed service company based on their own experience. That can provide you with a valuable insight into the service, prices, and availability you can expect.

Save money on hiring in-house professionals

Building an in-house team of IT technicians may be a viable option for major corporations, but SMEs on limited budgets need a more cost-effective option, as hiring your own full-time technicians brings overheads.

But outsourcing to a local IT managed service team is a more affordable solution. Why? Because you can still benefit from having IT experts ready to help in a technological crisis without putting them on your payroll. You can contact them for remote or on-site assistance and they’ll be happy to help.

What about if you already have one or two in-house IT experts? Managed IT services can still be invaluable. A dedicated team will be able to handle everything you need to build and maintain your IT infrastructure, while your own experts can help with small day-to-day tasks as required.

You can support a local company like your own

Supporting local businesses is vital for local economies, as you’ll know if you own or run an SME. By choosing a local IT managed service provider, you know you’re helping people in your community generate profits and build their client portfolio.

If you’re impressed by their services, you can also recommend them to friends and acquaintances who could benefit from outsourcing their IT.

Local IT managed service providers can provide a personalized package

Working with a local provider of managed IT services enables you to interact with them face to face and bring them to your office to assess your current setup. Based on your meetings and their exploration of your business site, they can create a package tailored to your unique requirements.

A key element of this bespoke approach is that you’ll only pay for the solutions you need, rather than a one-size-fits-all deal. You may be able to change and update your package as your business evolves, too.

NETWORTH is a trusted provider of managed IT services, operating in the Greater Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Stoney Creek, Burlington, Montreal, Niagara, and Hamilton area. Our managed services include remote and on-site support, cybersecurity solutions, network support, and much more.

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