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Remote Network Support: How can it Help Your Business?

Once upon a time, before Covid-19, before social distancing, working remotely was something of a luxury.

But since lockdowns came into effect, remote working has become the norm—whether you like it or not. And it’s believed that around 25 percent of Canadian companies will continue to encourage employees to work remotely once the pandemic crisis ends.

Fortunately, IT support teams have the tools and technologies to work remotely too.

Working remotely with experienced IT specialists can help your company stay secure, productive, and efficient in even the most turbulent times. All without physically bringing anyone new onto your site.

One of the most popular IT services is remote network support—but what is this and how can it help your business flourish|?

Professional IT specialists assess your network for themselves

Sometimes, things just go wrong with computers.

Whatever the cause, even the most minor technical problems have the power to disrupt operations. One or more employees experiencing a hardware failure or a software glitch may lose hours of productivity. Especially if they try to fix it themselves in secret.

Help desks are available for quick resolutions, but explaining the issue may be tough. That’s where remote network support comes in.

An IT specialist can connect to computers quickly and securely. You don’t need to articulate complex problems: the expert can get into the system, explore, and diagnose the issue themselves.

This could take some time, depending on the extent of the problem, but in plenty of cases, the issue may be fixed in a matter of minutes. Experts may also be able to identify a larger issue extending beyond a single computer, such as viruses with the potential to disrupt your entire network.

Tackling this sooner rather than later would help to reduce further wasted time and expense.

In any case, the best remote network support team will determine an effective plan of action quickly to minimize disruption to your operations.

It’s the next best thing to having your own seasoned IT experts taking control of your computer in the office.

Determine cybersecurity threats and remove viruses fast

Effective security is a priority for businesses of all sizes when there are so many threats: DDoS attacks, ransomware, etc.

Ransomware, in particular, is one of the most common cybersecurity dangers businesses face. It has the potential to cause serious downtime and cost large amounts of money to put right.

Sadly, Canadian companies face the most expensive ransoms and the highest downtime-related costs per attack.

Ransomware is a malicious form of attack that prevents businesses from accessing particular programs or entire systems. They may leave employees without access to crucial tools, files, and data.

Deadlines could be missed. Clients could become disgruntled and, ultimately, switch to a competitor. The results may be devastating, especially for small businesses.

Beyond ransomware, other cybersecurity risks may strike your business at any time. They could be significantly less damaging but still pose a hazard to your productivity and overall security.

For example, a phishing scam may prompt an employee to click on a suspicious link or install software that could pose a threat to your network.

While effective training is vital to empower employees with the technical prowess to remain vigilant and recognize when their actions pose a potential danger, professional assistance from IT experts can help to identify the root of cybersecurity breaches and take immediate action.

Over a secure remote connection, IT specialists can look for signs of a virus, spyware, or other suspicious activity. They know what to look for. They know the common indicators of a problem. They know how to resolve the problem and leave your network protected.

This will help you resume operations with as little disruption as possible.

Update software and install patches

If you rely on outdated or inefficient software, you could be leaving your network vulnerable to threats that may be avoided otherwise.

This is an incredibly dangerous situation to be in: you don’t want anyone from outside your business to access your systems. They could wreak havoc in your network, expose client data, and cause ongoing reputational damage that chases your customers away.

Software updates are usually released to fix any number of flaws or implement exciting new features. These could boost security, improve speed, or enhance performance overall.

With a remote network support service, you can have your software updated by IT professionals, fast. They’ll also offer advice on switching to new tools or platforms if your current choices don’t appear to be in your best interests.

Assist with quick data recovery and backup

Cloud storage and data backup provide businesses of all sizes with greater peace of mind. But only if you take advantage of it.

And if you don’t, you could lose hours, days, or months of work through a technical issue or human error. Imagine the fallout if an employee deleted a folder containing hundreds of files for one or more clients.

If you had no idea how to get it back, you could lose critical data—and the customer’s trust.

But with remote network support, experts can help you implement the latest data backup solutions and recover files that might otherwise be lost. They’ll show you how to retrieve files from any computer connected to the cloud, so employees can resume work from any location (with the proper authorization).

NETWORTH remote network support for your company

The NETWORTH team has years of experience working with businesses across the Greater Toronto, Southern Ontario area.

Our dedicated team is here to help you maintain productivity, mitigate cybersecurity risks, and remain at your best through fast, secure, remote solutions. We’re committed to fast response times and your maximum satisfaction.

We’ll build a comprehensive understanding of your company, your operations, your goals, and more. This enables us to provide the right solutions when you need them most.

Want to learn more about how our remote network support can help your business? Contact NETWORTH’s specialists now!

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