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Here is How Managed Services Reduce Total IT Cost for SMEs

Looking to save money on your SME’s IT costs?

Managed services could be just what you need. Read on to find out why!

Get the IT Services You Need at an Affordable Fee Tailored to Your Budget

The primary reason why managed services can reduce your IT costs is that you’ll pay for essential solutions at a price you can afford. These may include network and server support, computer repair and maintenance, and much more.

Any professional assistance, advice, and troubleshooting you need will be included in a fixed-rate contract. Your provider will take the time to understand your SME’s unique requirements and budget before creating the ideal plan for your needs.

Installing new equipment, easing your printer woes, procuring software, and more will all be available at a price you can afford. You will know your exact IT costs from month to month — and you won’t spend more than you can afford as you might do without managed services.

Improve Security to Decrease Risk of Costly Downtime and Ransom Fees

Finding, purchasing, and installing the right security for your business takes time. Potentially more time than you have when you’re responsible for growing your company into a success — and maintaining that success consistently. You and your employees could be so inundated with work that there’s little room for the minutiae of high-quality security measures.

Overlooking your security, though, will leave your SME exposed to more threats than you may realize. Hackers and cybercriminals have access to increasingly sophisticated tools. And they can penetrate the defenses of many businesses: for example, more than 85% of Canadian companies were affected by successful cyber attacks in 2021.

If a cyber attack hits your business, you may be unable to resume your usual operations for hours, days, or possibly weeks. For example, ransomware is one of the biggest threats to companies in Canada, and early in 2022, the Canada Communications Security Establishment (CSE) warned organizations to increase their cyber defenses as major ransomware attacks became increasingly likely.

Ransomware can lock businesses out of key programs until they pay a ransom, usually demanded in a cryptocurrency (as that’s more difficult to trace than fiat money). Even if a business does pay, the perpetrators may still deny them access — extending downtime and forcing the victims to find another way around the problem.

Downtime can be extremely expensive and increase your IT costs substantially as you continue to explore potential solutions. But when you work with a seasoned provider of managed IT services, you can rest assured that you’ll have the best cybersecurity software in place. Your SME will be better protected against threats and you’ll face less danger of disruptive attacks.

As a result, you’ll waste less money on the wrong security setups, ransoms, and handling other associated costs. Your managed service provider will explore your current security measures, identify flaws, recommend the most effective alternatives, and get your SME set up to be safer in the long run.

No More Expensive One-Off Emergency Callouts

If your computers, servers, or other types of hardware fail, you’ll need to speak to an IT expert. Even if you suspect it’s time to dispose of an outdated or damaged piece of tech, it’s best to have that confirmed by a professional before you get rid of something that could still be of value.

And when you run into technical issues that you can’t figure out on your own, you may ask a local IT specialist to visit your site immediately. After all, the sooner you can get the problem fixed or receive recommendations on a suitable replacement, the sooner you can get back to work.

However, a one-off callout in an emergency situation can be incredibly expensive. Some individuals or teams may charge higher rates than they necessarily need to if they know that your SME is in a vulnerable position. And you’ll pay it because you want a quick fix.

Fortunately, that’s not the case when you choose managed IT services from a reliable team. You will have the luxury of reaching out to a dedicated group who will be happy to visit your site, or provide a remote solution, whenever you need it. This will be included in your contract, so there will be no need to worry about incurring unexpected costs whenever a technical problem strikes.

Increase Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness with the Latest Technologies

Working with a managed service provider is a simple way to access cutting-edge IT systems and software. No more scouring endless tech sites and forums for advice on upgrading your computers. No more signing up for free trials of applications that turn out to be a poor match for your SME’s daily requirements.

Instead, you’ll receive expert assistance on finding the right technologies based on your operations. Your team will have the tools they need to work at their best, improving their efficiency and productivity. And you won’t invest your money into tech that seems perfect when there are better, more affordable options available.

Your managed service provider will ensure you receive maximum value for money.

Less Need for Full-Time On-Site IT Professionals

Employing full-time IT technicians in your office may seem like a smart investment, but you could save money and achieve stronger results with managed services instead.

Paying a qualified, experienced IT professional a full-time salary can take a significant bite out of your finances. And if they’re responsible for keeping your systems running 24/7, they could become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work they need to do. You may even need to bring in extra help during busy periods anyway — taking your IT costs higher and higher!

Managed services offer a more cost-effective solution. You’ll have access to a team of IT specialists round the clock instead of depending on one or two people during office hours only. You’ll get better value for money overall.

Schedule a consultation with NETWORTH to discover how we can save you money and deliver the right managed services for your SME at affordable rates!

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