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Tech Support: Why It's Crucial to Retain Top Talent

Canada has some of the highest employee turnover rates in the world, alongside France, the UK, Australia, and the United States.

No company can afford to lose good staff, especially not top talent proven (or with the potential) to make a powerful contribution. Yet it’s clearly a major issue for businesses and organizations across diverse sectors in Canada.

Management teams can try various solutions to boost their employee retention, including investing in external tech support operated by a reliable firm. But how can this help to keep your top talent satisfied?

Maximize employee productivity

One of the chief benefits of outsourcing tech support is improving productivity.

Workforces that rely on in-house tech support may be left waiting for hours or even days for their problem(s) to be solved. This can be incredibly frustrating for those employees who want to achieve as much as they can each day, as the best team-members often do.

Less-driven employees will no doubt welcome a technical issue that impairs their productivity for a while, such as a faulty hard drive. They can take advantage of the issue, put their feet up, and enjoy a brief break from their work.

But for top talent, productivity matters. They want tech problems to be solved effectively and efficiently, so they can keep performing at their best. If your office hardware and/or software is prone to difficulties, your best employees may start to feel restricted — and look elsewhere.

With outsourced tech support, your workforce can contact an experienced expert, explain the issue, and receive the help they’re looking for quickly. This may come in the form of a step-by-step walkthrough via telephone, email, or video chat, or tech support could solve issues remotely from their end.

NETWORTH’s helpdesk service team monitors your network health constantly and takes a proactive approach: we might just be working on a fix when you call to report a problem.

Boost efficiency to facilitate work of the highest quality

When the people responsible for running a company have no idea why certain hardware and software is important, they can make poor purchase decisions. Staff are left with shoddy equipment that doesn’t align with their needs or makes their work harder than it should.

Anyone who has worked at a business managed by a team with little to no tech expertise will understand how inefficient they can be. Employees with valuable skills, passion for their job, and a drive to reach the top of the ladder may feel they could run the business better.

But with high-quality tech support, you’ll receive the professional insights and well-informed recommendations you need to make the wisest investment choices. You’ll know which computers to buy, which software to subscribe to, which platforms to avoid, and much more.

Your top talent will have access to the latest tools and technologies — empowering them to unlock their full potential. Other factors affecting their workplace experience need to be addressed, of course, but equipping employees with the right gear for their skills and processes can help to keep them satisfied.

Minimize risk of disruptive security breaches

More than 40 percent of security breaches reported are the result of employee negligence, but other common factors include ineffective measures and avoidable oversights. It’s crucial that companies take control of their security and implement solid safeguards to protect data from unauthorized users.

Employee details could be vulnerable to theft during cybersecurity breaches, putting them at risk of further targeting by criminals. If an employee feels unsafe with your company due to a previous or potential security breach, they’re likely to consider applying for a position at a more tech-savvy business instead.

As mentioned above, NETWORTH tech support is always monitoring your network to identify any potential issues that may hinder your productivity — and that includes cyber attacks. This gives you, your managerial team, and your employees the peace of mind to focus on success without being hindered by the fear of leaking sensitive data.

Tech support can also help you to understand your biggest security weaknesses, recommend the most effective measures to protect your network and more. That means your top talent will have one less reason to scour local vacancies for better opportunities.

Access support outside the office

The Covid-19 crisis has closed offices and forced employees to work remotely worldwide. For some, this shift to working at home has been beneficial, especially for those who can now save money on childcare or the daily commute.

Around half of employed Canadians believe Covid-19 has brought the days of nine-to-five working in offices to an end — and more than one quarter want more flexible hours overall. Working remotely offers a number of advantages, but it can cause issues for businesses.

Why? Because most employees are using their own hardware and have to solve any technical issues themselves. That’s fine if they understand computers and the know-how to solve most problems they’ll encounter.

But for those remote workers without the knowledge or confidence to try fixing problems, even the most minor issues can disrupt productivity.

Professional tech support from an external provider is the solution. Remote workers can still access expert assistance and advice to help them get back on track. And when support is available round the clock from a provider operating 24 hours a day, employees can remain productive and efficient.

Outsourcing tech support helps businesses and organizations retain top talent by boosting productivity, increasing efficiency, improving employee security, and affording greater flexibility.

At a time when so many teams are working remotely, having access to a centralized support provider can help to keep employees performing at their best no matter where they are, no matter what technical issues they face.

NETWORTH is an unparalleled team of technology experts with decades of experience helping businesses in the Greater Toronto Area and southern Ontario area unlock their full potential. Get in touch to learn more about what our tech support can do for your company now!

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