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Here is how professional network support helps mitigate data breaches

Data breaches are a serious issue for businesses across Canada, costing more than $6m on average (a 6.7 percent increase since 2019).

The majority (42 percent) of data breaches affecting Canadian companies were a result of malicious attacks. System glitches were to blame for 35 percent and human error for 23 percent.

Data breaches can expose sensitive data relating to employees, clients, and suppliers. Not to mention cause severe reputational damage, production delays, and financial difficulties.

Sadly, 60 percent of small businesses affected by a data breach close their doors permanently within six months of an incident.

So, companies of all sizes must take action to mitigate their risk of data breaches. And one effective solution is professional network support.

But how exactly does this help?

Your network will be monitored for suspicious activity and security issues

One of the biggest benefits of working with network support professionals is comprehensive monitoring.

Your network performance will be watched closely to ensure any problems are identified, addressed, and resolved as soon as possible. This is a proactive methodology and one that you simply can’t emulate on your own. Especially if you’re trying to focus on growing your business and you lack in-house IT experts.

Without network monitoring, you may be unaware that you’ve suffered a data breach until it’s too late. Client details may be in the hands of criminals, and your reputation could already have taken a brutal blow.

But when your network is monitored by seasoned specialists, you can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that your data is in good hands. A cyberattack, glitch, or mistake capable of leaving your data vulnerable could actually be solved by the time you call your support provider to report it.

You will receive expert recommendations on the best cybersecurity solutions for your business

How do you know which cybersecurity software is right for your company?

Do you spend hours researching the latest products to hit the market before you invest? Or do you go for the cheapest solution you see first to avoid all that hassle?

That’s a gamble no business can afford to take.

You need to install the most effective cybersecurity software for your company’s size, operations, and potential threats.

Fortunately, a professional network support provider will take the time to conduct a thorough assessment of your technological requirements to determine the best cybersecurity measures.

Experts will have the hands-on experience and technical prowess to recommend the perfect software to reduce your risk of a data breach significantly. They’ll set it up and ensure your employees know how it works to prevent any accidental disruptions.

You can reduce the risk of human error opening the door to hackers

We all make mistakes. But some mistakes have bigger consequences than others.

And that’s particularly true in the world of cybersecurity.

A single oversight or unintentional download can lead to serious problems that leave your network defenceless against hackers. One or more of your employees may be clueless about the common dangers of opening suspicious emails, downloading questionable attachments, or installing applications without checking them first.

Such a lack of vigilance could be dangerous for your company, but you can take certain precautions to mitigate the risk of human error.

For instance, maintaining tight control of administrative rights, investing in cybersecurity training, and encouraging less tech-savvy employees to handle emails from outside the company with due caution.

But with professional network support, experts will be on hand to offer advice, install software, suggest changes to your hardware choices, and more. They will help your IT infrastructure improve and remain secure. This can reduce the danger of human error and cultivate a stronger network overall.

Your IT professionals will be just a phone call or message away in a security emergency

A reliable network support team will be responsive and easy to contact in a cybersecurity emergency. This ensures they’ll be ready to take immediate action in the event of suspicious network activity, to prevent hackers from accessing sensitive data of any kind.

You don’t need to worry about hackers finding backdoors into your network during the night or while you’re on vacation. You don’t need to worry about getting a call from a client asking about odd activity in their account.

Instead, you can invest your energy into making your business the best it can be while a trustworthy team protects your network, your employees, and your customers.

Be wary of network support providers who appear hard to reach, even if for just a general inquiry. They may not be as capable of safeguarding your business against breaches as they claim.

Remote and on-site support available for varied business structures

Reputable network support providers cater to diverse company types. This is especially important in the age of the coronavirus when social distancing has forced so many businesses to adopt remote operations with little to no prior warning.

You may have some workers based in the office and the rest at home. You could have transformed your site to ensure your staff remain socially distanced at all times.

Whatever changes you’ve made, the best team will continue to protect your business network, and your cloud-based activities, regardless.

Good remote and on-site support will be available to troubleshoot issues, offer updates on your network security, and more.

Dedicated network support in the Greater Toronto, Southern Ontario area

We’ve covered the biggest benefits of switching to professional network support. And if you’re feeling inspired to try it for your company, whether you’re a startup or an established business, NETWORTH is here to help.

Our team of IT specialists has years of experience providing businesses across the Greater Toronto, Southern Ontario area with exceptional service.

Our IT solutions cater to teams in diverse sectors with varied infrastructures. From managed IT services to 24/7 helpdesk support, NETWORTH has the right package for you.

To learn more about our extensive portfolio of solutions, competitive rates, and more, contact NETWORTH’s experts now!

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